Saturday, July 23, 2016

In Search Of: a competent domestic servant for Secret Shangri-La AZ

After going through FIVE domestic servants for My Dungeon: Secret Shangri-La AZ in the past two years.  I have finally accepted that fact that YES; I need a competent, reliable, sane & physically fit domestic sissy maid!
In the past My style of Female Dominance has always been for "s types" to pursue & petition Me for service. Well, since relocating to Phoenix 5 years ago I not only realized that is not how subs operate here, BUT that by Me waiting for an "s type" to petition Me; I am not finding quality / consistent/ devoted/ serious domestic service!
Which brings Me to this post!
Why you do not have to identify as a "sissy" or a effeminate submissive male.  I do require a domestic servant to wear a uniform.

I require this for several reasons:
1. It is an honor to serve Me & My Dungeon in a domestic capacity.
2. To remind you of your role & duties to My household.
3. I personally have a intense fetish for uniforms.
4. Wearing a feminine uniform in a house of Female Dominance not only gives reverence to the Divine Feminine but honors My personal philosophy of Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Female Supremacy & Female Led Relationships (FLR).

I also require the following:

  • Be service oriented! Meaning be here for the service, NOT for free playtime! Play is earned, not expected!
  • Be available for CONSISTENT domestic service at a minimum of one day per week.
  • Be financially secure; you will be required to purchase your own uniform, wardrobe, chastity device, and / or whatever I deem is appropriate for you to reflect the epotimy of a domestic servant.
  • Be single and / or realize that no external prior relationship will interfere with Me, nor your service to Me.
  • Have previous pertinent skill set! Ex, Know how to iron, defrost a refrigerator, clean a stove, operate a vacuum, clean a bathroom, scrub a floor, dust, and the importance of clean baseboards & windows, etc! YES, I pay close attention to detail and you should too.
  • That you understand & agree to consistently contribute to My household; physically, financially, emotionally,  and Spiritually. 

Potential domestic servants should send ALL of the following information in an email to "" with the subject matter: "domestic servant consideration for Secret Shangri-La AZ":
  1. Full legal name (YES I require full disclosure of identity of all those that serve Me on a personal basis)
  2. Telephone number & the best hours/ time frame to reach you.
  3. List of of your skill set. Both personal skill set (i.e. gardening, previous chambermaid experience, etc) & professional skill set (i.e. mechanical engineer, licensed massage therapist, real estate agent, etc).
  4. Stats: Age, height, weight, etc
  5. How you identify (i.e. sissy, slave, sub, switch, crossdresser, straight, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, asexual, queer, etc)?
  6. Your preferred pronouns? (e.x. My preferred pronouns are Female pronouns. She, Her, Hers).
  7. Location? City and state.  Within driving distance to Phoenix, AZ or the luxury of flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on a consistent monthly basis.
Please note, that ANY email that does not contain ALL SEVEN pieces of information I have asked for will go ignored & unanswered.  If you can not follow My instruction... I am not interested in you, and have no use for your service.

Could this be you????

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Goddess Bella Donna visits AZ for a limited time!

As many of My readers, subs, slaves, sluts, fans, devotees are aware of I relish My quality time with colleagues and established FemDoms throughout the country.  I am overjoyed to find out that a long time admired Professional Domina; Goddess Bella Donna is visiting Arizona for a short period. So of course I cleared My calendar, had My slave clear their calendar, scheduled us a car rental, & got us a travel itinerary to visit with the legendary Goddess Bella Donna.

I was first introduced to Goddess Bella Donna in 2011 by My esteemed Mentor, beloved Friend & colleague Mistress Athenais of NYC when She suggested I read Goddess Bella Donna's "Financial Domination without the smoke and mirrors." Which was an extremely helpful tool! Her book changed the way I approached the majority of My Professional Domination work & My overall business practices. YES, Her one book changed My entire business practice!  I have suggested it to several other colleagues and now make it a mandatory read for any/all Ladies that come to Me for mentorship or consulting on this Professional Domination career.
So tell Me why on earth would I miss this opportunity to get in person, one on one quality time with Ms Bella Donna?!?

I should also add, that She is visiting Arizona for a limited amount of time, therefore her time is extremely valuable. However She is available for real time sessions for those that She deems worthy. 

Find out more about the Goddess behind the veil, visit Her links: (Blog) (Brand new Facebook Page) ( New Twitter Account) (Google +1 Account)

Phone Venues: (Talk to Me ... BBW Momma Bella) (Talk to Me ... Mature BBW Smoking Mistress) (Talk to Me... Your relationship Life coach - Fetish Talk)

Clips4sale Studios: (Fat Mature and Fabulous Goddess - catch all) (Erotic Femdom Fetish Audios for sale) (Mature BBW Findomme) (Obey your satanic Goddess)

Books and Magazines for Sale:

Amazon Wish List:

Professional Real Time Domination session info page:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mistress Devlynn DeSade visits Secret Shangri-La AZ March 25 -29, 2016

imageWhat better way to close out March / Women's History month than to have Mistress Devlynn DeSade - the Queen of cruel visiting Secret Shangri-La AZ!  This is Her first visit to Arizona & I am beyond elated!
Mistress Devlynn DeSade is a lifestyle and professional Domina hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, where She hosts several high protocol FemDom Goddess evenings for exploration and education in the FemDom Lifestyle.  She is the owner of DeSade Academy, a private Victorian Style dungeon located near downtown Cincinnati, hosting FemDom Art events and classes for 6 years.  Mistress DeSade is also an esteemed Priestess of the Order of Indomitus, a fully immersive 24/7 FemDom Weekend in Florida that hearkens back to the real FemDom majesty of the Other World Kingdom.
Her interests and gifts in the realm of BDSM include shibari, electro, medical, fire play, knife play, corporal, discipline, real slave training, real hypnosis, fetish exploration, pony play, and sensory overload.  Regardless of whether She is wielding a whip, a remote control, or Her words... Her power and control over a submissive plaything is deliciously addictive.
It’s not often that Phoenix has skilled Dominatrices visit, therefore I wouldn’t snooze on this opportunity!  I certainly am looking forward to double Domination sessions & getting some quality time in with Her during this tour. We co-top very well together & have been for several years!  I always enjoy the deviant debauchery in Her city, now it's time I get to share the Valley of the Sun with Her!  There has also been talk that She may be bringing Her Venus 2000; a high tech, hands free stroking masturbation machine. If you are familiar with the Venus 2000, email Her directly & let your interests be known!  Mistress Devlynn is also a certified hypnotherapist & Secret Shangri-La AZ definitely doesn't get to pull out our Nova Pro 100 hypnosis machine nearly enough! 
imageMistress Devlynn will also be available for private one-on-one sessions as well at Secret Shangri-La AZ by appointment and deposit only!  Time is always a valuable commodity when a Professional Dominatrix is on tour. So you out there reading this; show some respect and expect nothing if you aren’t willing to give some honor & appreciation for Her time.  I know you want to be a fly on the wall, BUT since we all know that is something you must earn– put your money where your mouth is! Allow your actions to speak for themselves; that’s not a hard task.  Like I always say; you only get one opportunity to make a first impression….
imageMistress Devlynn has been voted Cincinnati's best Dominatrix as well as DomCon LA 2014 Guest of Honor.  
For more information about Her, how you can contact Her directly & to learn more about Her visit:

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 New Year New Focus! The Year of Education...

Happy New Year!
2016 is FINALLY here.  2015 was a bit challenging with Me, surgery, a divorce, the release of a devoted slave girl; it seemed like 2015 just wouldn't end.
With all My personal shifts in 2015 I decided to take some time at the end of the year and fast for Kwanzaa to redirect My focus.  Fasting, Meditation, & some true introspection always is My magick pill.  Plus life itself was shifting for Me, without Me doing too much besides being still and taking note of those things The Most High Creator was manifesting in My life on this physical realm.
I have been wanting to shift My career for quite some time & alas the shift is happening!

I have been a full time Professional Domina for a little over 12 years now & a Leather Lifestyle Kinkster for even longer.  I always enjoy one -on- one power exchange experiences, however with the surge in online insta-Dommes & the sensationalizing of BDSM due to 50 Shades of --- everyone with a pretty face thinks becoming a Dominatrix is an easy overnight road to stardom. Education & mentorship seems to be a thing of the past; which really bothers Me!  I don't like to complain, therefore I am always trying to become a part of the solution.  2016, I will focus more on educating others on Power Exchange, FemDom, Leather History & tactical BDSM skills.

I have been chosen to be a presenter at Sin In The City 2016. Sin In the City is a an annual conference that takes place in Las Vegas, NV.  It is three days of erotic / kink education, BDSM Dungeon play parties every night, host of International Leather Person of Leather contest, vendors & shopping on top of kinky people from all over the country in one hotel for 3 days. PRICELESS!
I will be teaching three classes:
1.  The Ins & Outs of Enemas
2.  I want my mommy! Age Play 101
3.  Lace Up Lessons; The history of tight lacing, waist training, corsetry & its influence on Women's intimate apparel
Sin In The City is the first of many opportunities I will be educating others in the Kink community.
Stay tune to this blog for other events I will be presenting at.  
I also offer on - on - one mentoring & hands on education via My consulting company; Carib X Consulting Group, LLC.  If interested in booking Me send all inquires to:

I also recently enrolled in a course to become a certified event planner.  With the launch of My Dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ in 2014 & collaborating with Ms Navia O'Kink putting on Ebony FemDom Events every quarter in Dallas, TX, I realized I thoroughly enjoy throwing events!  So why not get certified so that I can possibly pursue planning fabulous events for others!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I am now the 2016 Director of Marketing for ONYX Pearls Southeast! ONYX & ONYX Pearls are currently the only fraternity & sorority for POC (People of Color) in the Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Kink & M/s Communities.  I became an ONYX Pearl in 2008 & am quite zealous of the re-launch!  What this also means for those out there that follow Me, is that I will be visiting My Atlanta home & ONYX family more often this year!

So needless to say, 2016 is going to be the year of education! 
As My mentor & ONYX Pearl family says "Each One Teach One."

I should also add, that even though My schedule will be quite busy with school; I will still be available for Professional Domination sessions, peer - to - peer mentoring, & Consulting services via appointment ONLY. As always deposits will be required from anyone I have not seen previously: NO EXCEPTIONS!

Just to give everyone a heads up as to the cities I am confirmed for 2016:
Las Vegas, NV
Las Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Louisville, KY
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
Nashville, TN
Manhattan, NYC

If you are in ANY of these cities & are wanting to session with Me; get your deposits in! I am also looking for slaves willing to donate frequent flyer miles or Southwest Airlines gift cards sent to the email address: ""

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Madam Quinn Helix visits Secret Shangri-La AZ Dec 16 - 22, 2015

What a perfect treat for the holidays!  Madam Quinn Helix; a Professional Domina based in Los Angeles, CA will be visiting Phoenix December 16 - 22nd.  It's not often this city has skilled Dominas visit, therefore I wouldn't snooze on this opportunity!  I certainly am looking forward to double Domination sessions & getting some quality time in with Her during this Holiday tour. Madam Quinn will also be available for private one-on-one sessions as well at My Dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ by appointment and deposit only! I should note that She also requires a 3 hour notice for same day appointments.  Time is always a valuable commodity when a Professional Domina is on tour. So you out there reading this; show some respect and expect nothing if you aren't willing to give some honor & appreciation for Her time.
I know you want to be a fly on the wall, BUT since we all know that is something you must earn-- put your money where your mouth is! Allow your actions to speak for themselves; that's not a hard task.  Like I always say; you only get one opportunity to make a first impression....
It is indeed the holiday season and what better way to celebrate than to submit to an experienced FemDom?
Who is Madam Quinn Helix you ask?  Have you been living under a rock for the past few years??? If that is your pathetic existence, I'm going to help you out and share some pictures, more information about Her & links as to how you can contact Her directly:

Here's a little about the Madam behind the Name:
A curvaceous 5' 7" Alpha Femme with porcelain skin and jet black hair.  She appreciates darker perspectives of reality and identifies strongly with Deities and Divine beings, She will carve a path into your mind and manipulate you from the inside. 

She likes men who are obedient, respect Her and use proper etiquette. She's sadistically inclined and loves a devoted masochist that is willing to serve Her sadistic desires. Corporal Punishment is one of Her many natural talents as a Dominant.

Although She is a strong sadist She is a versatile individual that thrives on consistent dynamics of all types ranging from sensual Domination, role play, tease and denial, humiliation and a myriad of fetish centered sessions. 

She has an affinity for vintage clothing circa 1940's-50's, wasp waist corsets, leather, tall thigh-high boots, latex and bondage style harnesses. She wears a size 10 in heels - the higher the better.

Before contacting Her, you must provide the following:

Your name
Where you found Her
Your level of experience
Your hard limits and medical conditions (if any)
Duration of servitude
Availability you have (dates and times)
References (if any)

Her contact info:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ebony FemDom Sorority Weekend Nov 2015 Dallas, TX

Ahhhhhh, where to begin?!?
I have only been home for a few days, still decompressing from all the debauchery, delicious bonding with other Black Women. Who ironically represented all four Sororities that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council. 
After living in Phoenix for the past four years, it had been ages since I have gotten that much time with other Sisters. SO LONG OVERDUE!
I had the pleasure to meet Mistress Navia O'Kink at a Club FEM Dallas party while I was visiting Dallas for International Master/slave Weekend. We later ran into each other during DomCon Atlanta & I was inspired for Her desire to orchestrate a Black FemDom Sunday Brunch on the fly (on top of pulling off an amazing brunch, that was sponsored by a few of the male submissives that were attending DomCon that weekend.
Left to Right; Myself, Serene Sin, Navia O'Kink, anon Lifestyle Ebony FemDom, &  Mz Xcellente
@DomCon Atlanta 2012 Ebony FemDom Sunday Brunch
After that amazing DomCon Atlanta weekend We grew extremely close which would result in Me visiting Dallas about a dozen times the past several years and brought Her to Phoenix, AZ for the Super Bowl 49 of which I could help but host a CFNM FemDom party in Her honor.
Needles to say, Ms Navia & I have become thick as thieves! Not just collegues, but good friends both in & out of the Lifestyle.
So it is My pleasure to do this collaboration; Ebony FemDom Events!
Here's a few pics from the inaugural Ebony FemDom Sorority Weekend:

Ms Navia, Mz Xcellente, & Myself tormenting one lucky slave. Yes, I am indeed on nipple torture duty! LOL
Left to right; Ms V, Mz Xcellente, Myself,  Ms Navia O'Kink & two lucky slaves from the weekend festivities.
Next upcoming event is Kinky FemDom Slumber Parties:  
Get your application & deposit in sooner than later!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

In Honor of Southern Food Heritage Day & National Coming Out Day

This is the 1st of several events to kick off My blessed born month. 
I will be hosting a Brunch & Beat event Sunday October 11, 2015 @ 11 a.m. in My Dungeon; 

What is a Brunch & Beat you ask?
A Brunch & Beat is a light Brunch followed by various BDSM activities.  This Brunch isn't your typical Sunday brunch. As it is being hosted in a BDSM Playspace Dungeon.  You can expect southern hospitality, ice-breaker pervy table conversation with an open forum to negotiate play scenes with those in attendance.

In the Spirit of D/s protocol Dominants will be seated & served first.  Once Dominants have been served & have all their dining needs met, submissives will only then be dismissed to eat.

To honor Southern Food Heritage Day being on the same day as National Coming Out Day, I encourage those that identify as LGBTQQIAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual & Allies) to attend and partake in the perverse debauchery.

The Brunch menu will be simple:
Coffee, Tea, Mimosas paired with Southern Style biscuits and turkey sausage gravy, complete with cinnamon rolls as a sweet tooth option.

This event is limited to those that have visited Secret Shangri-La AZ previously, have personally been invited by me & are familiar with house rules.
F.E.E. (Fair Energy Exchange) contribution = $7 per person and / or $11 per poly family.
This event is reserved for the first 11 people to RSVP and/or submit their F.E.E. contribution in advance via square cash ($shawkins) or google wallet to email address: and YES, toting your own toy bag is strongly encouraged!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Dungeon Secret Shangri-La AZ featured on

My Dungeon Secret Shangri-La AZ made the header photograph for this article! Guess they were not only impressed by The Sand Angel Photography capture, but must have been impressed with My Dungeon design and layout!

Check out the article:

My Playspace website:

If you are interested in utilizing My unique kinky bed&bondage/breakfast playspace $250 a night leave Me an email at: 
Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.  I answer emails in the order I receive them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Be still My beating heart; "Queen City" BKA Cincinnati, Ohio

By far the most luscious, luxurious, and highlight of My June 2015 tour thus far has been Cincinnati!
The home of esteemed colleague and FemDom Sister Friend; Goddess Devlynn DeSade.  We met 5+ years ago at DomCon Atlanta & have been cohorts in kink ever since!

Domina Devlynn always makes Me feel so at home! This visit was jammed pack (as usual). I arrived on Thursday evening with sessions booked upon My arrival. Later that evening We did a guest appearance at the The Dock; a downtown Cincinnati Goth Club. Which I always love because I get to get dressed up in fetish attire and am surrounded by people that can appreciate the high end wardrobe both of Us were sporting that evening:

Our sexy latex looks for an evening at The Dock.

Saturday evening We hosted a high protocol private FemDom party. Something Goddess Devlynn has started doing annually. I was honored to cohost with Her this year.  I will attempt to make this event EVERY YEAR! In was definitely worth traveling to and pre-planning in My busy calendar. The event was an evening of Goddess Worship, adoration, pure elegance and debauchery for FemDom devotees and explorers. We were able to offer expert guidance in the art of Female Domination. The event was stellar! I will only give a snippet here on My blog. Stay tuned for the video clips and explicit pictures via My niteflirt listing in the upcoming weeks. 

Goddess Devlynn giving some pointers to the newer Ladies.
Some of the rules the slaves in attendance learned during that evening.
The Ladies in Attendance as well as one lucky sissy maid
As many of My devotees know I do not work on Sunday. A Goddess has to have at least ONE day of rest.  Which is another ritual Domina Devlynn and I share; NO WORKING ON SUNDAY! Which meant I got to enjoy a relaxing Sunday; which ironically was Fathers day; therefore I spent in solitude down on the Ohio River communing with Goddess Deity Mami Wata & honoring My Papa who transitioned to Spirit realm almost 3 years ago. A bit of self care and reflective time; which is always needed! 

Monday was spent in sessions & teaching other Ladies the secret Art of Female Domination. I really enjoy teaching The Next Generation (TNG, as it is affectionally known within the Kink Community). Facilitating workshops, demos, classes, and interviews has been more of My focus in 2015. " "Each One Teach One" as My elders have taught Me.  

I plan on another visit to Cincinnati before I head back to Phoenix later in July for more teaching, empowering other Ladies to get in touch with their inner FemDom, more photo shoots, videos shoots, as well as a few sessions that I missed this visit. Appears as if My next visit to Queen City is set for Thursday July 23 - Monday 27th if not sooner?!?!????  Queen City always treats Me like a Queen!

Much Gratitude & Appreciation to My Gracious Hostess; Domina Devlynn DeSade! ALWAYS looking forward to doing it all again & then some sooner than later....

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring 2015 East Coast Tour

Oh it's been a while since a update, so here goes!
Since acquiring My playspace Secret ShangriLa AZ in October 2014 I have been uber busy with several additions to My stable of slaves, Professional Domination sessions, filming new fetish content, hosting play parties, teaching workshops, along with several visitors nationwide I have neglected to update this blog.
Take note, that this blog is on the bottom of My "to do list" these days. Those that have the privilege of communicating with Me know that this Goddess is busy damn near 12-16 hours EVERY DAY!
Let Me be clear that I do not have free time, I make time for those things I choose to devote any of My attention to.
Therefore I am diverting My attention to My favorite pastime, TRAVEL!
For the month of June (and possibly some of July too; I am leaving My options open for right now) I will be visiting:
Charleston, SC (tentative)
Hickory, NC (tentative)
Indianapolis, IN (tentative)
Cities in bold are already confirmed. Meaning I will be in those cities & have started accepting deposits for those cities, which is I determine where I will be spending My time. Cities where subs appreciate Me is where I spend more of My time. Deposits are required for those I have not seen previous to this tour. NO EXCEPTIONS! 
Please note that I am NOT interested in Lifestyle slaves at this time. Professional Domination ONLY; so don't ask!
Co-topping & double Domination sessions will be available in Atlanta, Louisville & Cincinnati ONLY.
If interested in booking a session, email Me at:
In the subject line state which city you reside.  Also include a brief introduction, short list of your interests & limits along with your contact information.
I see a limited number of submissives, so act accordingly.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 2015 CFNM play party has a special guest of honor; Mistress Navia O'Kink of Dallas, TX!

Special Guest for Jan 31, 2015 CFNM event is visiting Disciplinarian Mistress Navia O'Kink of Dallas, TX:
At this party the males are naked and the Females are clothed for the entire party. The males are there to serve and entertain the Females. The Females are in charge of the party. They can have the males do whatever makes them happy. The Females can have the males, serve them food and/or drinks, dance for the Ladies, give them foot, shoulder or body massages (massage table & lotions will be available), play games and whatever comes to the female mind. This party the Females will be in charge. 
The males are not allowed to touch or initiate interaction with the Females without permission or the Females can just sit back a watch all the naked males as they serve them. 
Rules for this party: 
1. All the males at the party must be naked no exceptions.
2. We are all adults at the party , and if someone says no, it means no. It should be respected. We all have different limits. All in attendance will respect the limitations & comfort level of everyone in attendance. Limits will be respected, and you do not have to engage in any activities you do not want to, but you must be OK with wild things happening all around you.
3. BYOB; This is a potluck, so please bring prepared finger food & dishes that are easy to serve.
4. Alcohol is allowed (BYOB), however please drink responsibly. 
5. This party is in a BDSM/ Fetish/ Kink Friendly private residence, off street parking is available.  Fetish play, S/m play is allowed, however all scenes must be negotiated between all consenting parties prior to playing.
6. NO photos or recording allowed unless a adult model release is signed (model releases will be available for those interested in picture or video taking).
7.  NO illegal services offered, implied, or allowed.  ANY solicitations for sexual services will not be tolerated.  
8. Informed Consent Waivers, entry fee & model release forms (if applicable) must be signed prior to admittance.
9.  For the safety, security and discretion of all, PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO “PAY AT THE DOOR” for this event! NO EXCEPTIONS!  
To stay up to date with upcoming events visit:  Secret Shangri-La AZ

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 coming to a close!

So we are in the last weeks of 2014 and where has all the time gone?
2014 has been one of My most hectic yet productive & prosperous years to date!  Besides the normal debauchery with My Professional Domination career, I have acquired two new slaves to My ever growing stable.
(Will post a few juicy pics at the end of this blog) In addition to My slave girls, I have opened up My own playspace, My own Dungeon (not really a Dungeon as a Dungeon has the stereotype of being dark and evil. My "Dungeon" is bright, sterile, yet a bit seductive / sexy) which I affectionally refer to as My own Secret Shangri-La.
I had My own playspace when I resided in Atlanta, however it was a live in / workspace combination.
My Secret Shangri-La is a dedicated play space! Dedicated not only to My own shenanigans but as a resource for the local FemDom Community.
I host several various events ranging from monthly CFNM parties, to Sissy Slut Festivities,  to Gender Non-Conforming Clothing Swap Meets, Snuggle Parties, Porn & Popcorn night, hands on Peer to Peer tactile training workshops, video shoots, webcam sessions, slave training, One on One Lifestyle consultations, to Sunday Goddess Devotional Spiritual Services & SOOO MUCH MORE! 
Keep up with ALL I have going on at My Secret Shangri-La at;
Get in on all the action NOW, make your presence known My sending Me a direct email for more information at; "" 
Thought I would share a corner peek into My SecretShangriLa. A FemDom Dungeon Playspace that focuses on FLR lifestyle & kink in Phoenix, AZ. This SW corner of My Shangri-La showcases heirloom vintage artwork as well as original Ebony FemDom Giantess artwork pieces by Max the Illustrator.  
Thought I would share a corner peek into My SecretShangriLa. A FemDom Dungeon Playspace that focuses on FLR lifestyle & kink in Phoenix, AZ. 

A few of the canes available at My Secret Shangri-La
My Secret ShangriLa is rooted in Sacred ritual with My altar & Ancestors at the front door. Spirituality, Obeah, Marcus Garvey, and My Papa protectors of the space. Back to My Caribbean roots. Anyone offended need not visit.
A daytime panoramic view of the main loft space at My Secret Shangri-La
My slave awaiting My touch. Slaves craves My whip, My hand, My bite, My sting, My sadism,
My Love