Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cyber Week discounted Dominatrix sessions both online & in person #ShopSmall

In the Spirit of Small Business Saturday & Cyber week, 
I am offering a plethora of special deals from NOW until Saturday, December 1st!

40% OFF in-person sessions (hard sports & FTT NOT applicable for discounted tribute)
$200 OFF 3+ hours in-person sessions
$20 OFF ALL hourly Dungeon Rentals at Secret Shangri-La AZ
40% OFF webcam sessions (via Niteflirt, Skype & Facetime)

For more information contact Me at: with "Cyber week" in the subject line
Visit my website subject for more information on My interests & 15 years of experience as a Professional Dominant
To Book call (404) 522-27 8 9 ... 11 am - 11 pm MST *No Blocked / Private calls nor SMS / text messages answered*
Respectful, sincere inquiries only.  Thank you!
My fully equipped private dungeon is conveniently located 5 miles from Downtown Phoenix & 11 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
Subscribe to My Dungeon email blog list for upcoming events, workshops, parties, visiting Dominatrices & more at:

For discounted Niteflirt & Webcam sessions links:


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Saturday, Dec 8, 2018 CFNM FemDom Play Party with Special Guest; Mistress Devlynn DeSade

Welcome Special Guest Mistress Devlynn DeSade who’s visiting us all the way from Cincinnati, OH to grace us with Her presence & incomparable FemDom style. Might you be lucky enough to kneel in front such an infamous Female Dominant? Mistress Devlynn is the Creator of Ohio’s largest & longest running annual fetish party; The Cincinnati Bondage Ball.

At this CFNM FemDom Play Party, the males are naked and the Females are clothed for the entire party. The males are there to serve and entertain the Females. The Females are in charge of the party. They can have the males do whatever makes them happy. The Females can have the males, serve them food and/or drinks, dance for the Ladies, give them a foot, shoulder or body massages (massage table & lotions will be available), play games and whatever comes to the Female mind. This party the Females will be in charge- SIMPLY PUT!

Just like at ALL the CFNM FemDom Play parties at Secret Shangri-La AZ, the males are not allowed to touch or initiate interaction with the Females without permission or the Females can just sit back a watch all the naked males as they serve them.


Rules for this party:

1. All the males at the party must be naked no exceptions.

2. We are all adults at the party, and if someone says no, it means NO. It should be always respected. We all have different limits. All in attendance will respect the limitations & comfort level of everyone in attendance. Limits will be respected, and you do not have to engage in any activities you do not want to, but you must be comfortable with wild & kinky activities happening all around you.

3. BYOB; This is a potluck, so please bring prepared finger food dishes that are easy to serve.  Vegetarian dishes are strongly encouraged!

4. Alcohol is allowed, however, please drink responsibly. It is preferred by the host that guests adhere to a two-drink MAXIMUM.

5. This party is in a BDSM/ Fetish/ Kink Friendly private residence, off-street parking is available. Fetish play, S/m play is allowed, however, all scenes must be negotiated between all consenting parties prior to playing.

6. NO photos or recording allowed unless an adult model release is signed (model release forms will be available for those interested in a picture or video taking).

7. NO illegal services offered, implied, or allowed. ANY solicitations for sexual services will not be tolerated.

8. Informed Consent Waivers, entry fee & model release forms (if applicable) must be signed upon admittance.

New to CFNM FemDom Events @ Secret Shangri-La AZ? Please read the blog post on Basic rules & what to expect:

NO MONIES ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR. This blog announcement simply serves as a social media site marketing tool to promote the event.


Sunday, November 11, 2018

Domina Devlynn DeSade visits Phoenix, AZ at Secret Shangri-La AZ December 4 -10, 2018

What better way to close out 2018 than to have Mistress Devlynn DeSade – the Queen of cruel visiting Secret Shangri-La AZ!  This is Her first visit to Arizona & I am beyond elated!

Mistress Devlynn DeSade is a lifestyle and professional Domina hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, where She hosts several high protocol FemDom Goddess evenings for exploration and education in the FemDom Lifestyle.  She is the owner of DeSade Academy, a private Victorian Style dungeon near downtown Cincinnati, hosting FemDom Art events and classes for 8 years.  Mistress DeSade is also an esteemed Priestess of the Order of Indomitus, a fully immersive 24/7 FemDom Weekend in Florida that hearkens back to the real FemDom majesty of the Other World Kingdom.

Her interests and gifts in the realm of BDSM include shibari, electro, medical, fireplay, knifeplay, corporal, discipline, real slave training, real hypnosis, fetish exploration, and sensory overload.  Regardless of whether She is wielding a whip, a remote control, or her words… Her power and control over a submissive plaything is deliciously addictive.

It’s not often that Phoenix has skilled Dominatrices visit, therefore I wouldn’t snooze on this opportunity!  I certainly am looking forward to double Domination sessions & getting some quality time in with Her during this tour. We co-top very well together & have been for several years!  I always enjoy the deviant debauchery in Her city, now it’s time I get to share the Valley of the Sun with Her!  Mistress Devlynn is also a certified hypnotherapist & Secret Shangri-La AZ definitely doesn’t get to pull out our Nova Pro 100 hypnosis machine nearly enough! NOW IS THAT PERFECT TIME!

Mistress Devlynn will also be available for private one-on-one sessions as well at Secret Shangri-La AZ by appointment and deposit only!  Time is always a valuable commodity when a Professional Dominatrix is on tour.  So you out there reading this; show some respect and expect nothing if you aren’t willing to give some honor & appreciation for Her time.  I know you want to be a fly on the wall, BUT since we all know that is something you must earn– put your money where your mouth is! Allow your actions to speak for themselves; that’s not a hard task.  Like I always say; you only get one opportunity to make a first impression….

Mistress Devlynn has been voted Cincinnati’s best Dominatrix, DomCon LA 2014 Guest of Honor, & DomCon New Orleans 2016 Guest of Honor.

For more information about Her, how you can contact Her directly & links to learn more about Her visit:

Monday, November 5, 2018

Honorifics & how to address a FemDom PROPERLY

I have found Myself correcting men damn near daily when conversing with Me over the past several weeks.
I personally get offended when an "s type" is on autopilot when addressing Me as Mistress Sadie. That's not My name! It NEVER has been an honorific I have used publicly and VERY few have ever had the honor of using "Mistress" when addressing Me.

So let Me reiterate My preferred honorific is:
Goddess Sadie; I became an Ordained Minister in 2006 and have been an initiate into the Goddess path soon thereafter.

IF you are not comfortable with "Goddess" you probably should NOT be serving Me. As ALL of My Power Exchange is deeply rooted into My Spiritual practice. Albeit known or unknown to the person, I am exchanging power and energy with.

The respectful options when speaking with Me are:
1. Ms. Hawkins
2. Ms. Sadie
3. Madam
4. Ma'am
5. Ms.

Mistress is reserved for those that either:
1. have the honor of being collared by Me
(either in a Pro Domme session or lifestyle FLR FemDom/male "s type" situation)
2. Have a significant other and the significant other does NOT know about Me & is unaware of our relationship. Therefore making Me the "Mistress"

When in doubt, ASK a FemDom what is Her preferred honorific?

Monday, October 15, 2018

A Malibu Birthday!

So here we are, it's October! My favorite month of the year. My birthday season! 
I decided some long overdue time with the Ocean was very much so needed I am so looking forward to visiting Los Angeles, CA Oct 19th - Oct 22nd. 
To all My longtime devotees, slaves, submissives, & petGET THOSE DEPOSITS & GIFTS IN NOW!
Once I arrive to LA, My spare time seems to be non-existent!
You know what happened last when I visited???? My schedule was so super uber busy I ONLY session with those that followed My instruction; got their deposit in & scheduled their time/ day PRIOR to My arrival.


For those of you that are not aware, I am a tad bit old school and truly enjoy USPS postal surprises (MONEY--yes I have devotees send CASH via USPS. Just get some damn insurance on it OR require that I sign for it.)
Birthday presents can be sent directly to Me:
Ms. S. Hawkins
P.O. Box 66903
Phoenix, AZ  85082

During this visit I am available for double sessions with a myriad of local established Professional Dominas;

Since I will be spending My birthday with a BBC King, cuckold and chastity sessions are also available!
This should go without saying BUT any session, meet up, etc that involves someone other than Myself involves DOUBLE (if not triple) THE DEPOSIT, DOUBLE THE TRIBUTE!  If you do not think this is within your financial budget; DO NOT INQUIRE!

Cash meets are available ALL DAY on October 20th My blessed born day!
My protocol for cash meet up:
1. MUST initially send $20 good faith gesture that you understand My time is valuable & you do not indeed to waste My time.  Either an Amazon gift card OR  square cash:$SHawkins
2. Once a good faith gesture is sent; you have permission to text Me directly.  
In your text include:
3. A selfie, holding a handwritten paper with the day's date 
4.  your first and last legal / government name. I do NOT meet anyone EVER that I can not verify their identity. NO EXCEPTIONS!
5. Your top 3 times that you are available
6. A short description (a few lines. I do NOT read long books/ scripts) as to why you want to meet up & surrender your cold hard earned cash?
7. DO NOT ASK ME My AGE! Those that are smart will google, research, and do the math IF My ages is that important.
Some people keep their exact age a secret. Some people lie about their age. Some people are ashamed of their age. I AM NONE OF THOSE!
I personally believe that a Lady never utters Her age and that age is just a numeral. 
It barely stands up to life experiences and this journey called "LIFE"
This is not My 1st time or last time on here, however I am proud to have the life experiences that I have experienced thus far.

When I reflect on where I am, who I am, how I got where I am on My journey, the ONE thing that permeates My thoughts are:

I LOVE being Me!
I am thankful for past experiences & I welcome new life lessons, teachers & relationships of tomorrow.

Growing wiser, intelligent, articulate, outspoken, & one of a kind unique RESILIENT CARIBBEAN BLACK GODDESS really ROCKS!!!

Now visit My amazon wish list, bless Me with a birthday bounty:

THEN, dial My digits during My respected phone hours, and share in a moment of My day if U R SO FORTUNATE!

IF you would like to support My breast cancer awareness charity fundraiser; Buy My Travel announcement clip via My Clips4Sale Store and 100% of the proceeds from this travel teaser announcement video  will be donated to #LivingBeyondBreastCancer #LBBC.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Texas Tour Sept 2018

Pleased to announce my 2018 Texas tour!

Dallas Sept 20-25th with a 2 day trip to Houston, TX Sept 21st & 22nd.

Sunday, Sept 23rd FemDom Intensive Workshop in Dallas, TX

visit Eventbrite for more details:

Double sessions with Mistress Daria strongly encouraged. for more info!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Don't just may miss My September sightings!

We are already entertaining the 9th month of 2018.
Whoa, where did the year go?!?! Did you blink and realize you aren't living at your happiest?
Perhaps the trepidation and nerves are holding you back from making those fetish fantasies of yours FINALLY come true?
Maybe it's the kids back to school?
Tired of watching clips and wishing that was you in the video? Well....
Get up and do something about it; Book your session, consult, cash meet, etc with Me sooner than later!
My September seems to be one of My busiest months of 2018.
So mark your calendars, then pop over to My website; and complete My supplicant form.

Saturday, Sept 1st 2018 
I will be attending Arizona Fetish Ball put on by our Arizona Fetish Society.
This is a RARE pro-bono opportunity to serve & submit to Me!
I am looking for either a submissive male who will be in service and will remain submissive (non-gender specific) to Me for the evening; to include BUT not limited to:
1. Chauffeur service, your vehicle must be clean and pet free with documented valid insurance. Otherwise, RENT A CAR!
2. Be My bitch /flunky servant for the night, ie. hold bags, drinks, adjust My stockings, shine My latex outfit, massage My feet, serve as furniture, ashtray, whipping post, or simply personal entertainment for Me.
3. Own (and feel confident when wearing) fetish attire. Must be willing to have My approval of outfit selection PRIOR TO the event.
4. Be willing to negotiate and communicate your personal boundaries and expectations for the evening.
5. Be willing to meet Me prior to Saturday for a brief in-person interaction to better gauge our compatibility (consult F.E.E. required for the in-person meeting:

September 6th - 9th, 2018
Annual Arizona Leather Run Weekend:
I am quite invested in the AZ Leather Run as I am presenting a workshop, am a panelist as well as My Dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ being the sponsored Queer Play Party for the Leather Run.

What is a Leather Run you ask???
A "Run" is a long-standing tradition in the Leather community where several statewide Leather, MC Clubs, Leather organizations, bars, gathered in partnership and family, yearly, to create Run.
Having space for kinksters play is paramount!
Secret Shangri-La AZ is humbled and honored to be the 2018 Queer play space sponsor for the AZ Leather Run.
Come out & be part of Leather tradition while making your own historical mark within the Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Kink community!

Friday, Sept 7th  

1 pm I will be teaching "Dungeon Protocol 101 & Critical Community Playspace Etiquette"
3 pm I will be a panelist discussing "The Concepts of Relationship within the Leather Community"

Saturday, Sept 8th
The official play party will be held at My Dungeon.  Please note that although My playspace is the hosting a play party for the AZ Leather Run; My standard yet stringent vetting protocol will be enforced.
You MUST have your registration badge in order to attend the play party & receive your final RSVP confirmation. Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite:

MY TEXAS TOUR SEPTEMBER 20th - 25th 2018

I am pleased with the number of inquiries and appointments already booked.  Tells Me Texas has indeed missed Me since it has been over a year since My last visit to Dallas.
I am a Featured Special Guest for the 8th annual Sinical Fetish Ball.
Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite:
Therefore I am offering a similar arrangement for the Sinical Ball as I am for the AZ Fetish Ball.
For consideration email Me at: with "FETISH BALL" in the subject line.
Myself & Mistress Daria will be offering an intensive workshop/training in Female Dominance for Ladies (both Lifestyle, Professionals, evolving and everyone in between) who are looking to perfect their craft in the Art of FemDom. 
Please keep an eye on My twitter feed for upcoming details:
My appointment & availability is filling up quickly.  Currently, I am completely booked on both My arrival date Sept 20th and My departure date Sept25th. So don't wait until the last minute! Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on My part.
Whew! Talk about a seriously jam-packed September!? Busy, just like I like it.
Then October, My birthday month... YES!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I'm a Guest of Honor @ Cincinnati's 5th annual Bondage Ball

I am pleased to announce that I will be returning to Cincinnati, OH next week as a Guest of Honor at the 5th annual Cincinnati Bondage Ball July 28, 2018.
NOW is the time to email Me to book sessions, double domination sessions, photo shoots, video shoots, demos, workshops, consultations, cash meets, lifestyle FemDom public outings & MORE!
Email Me at: with "2018 Bondage Ball" in the subject line.
I will be visiting July 24th- 31st.
Be sure NOT wait until last minute to contact about serving Me.
Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for Me.

Monday, May 14, 2018

May 2018 Pro Domme Tour

My May 2018 tour announcement:

Cincinnati, OH & Chicago, IL 
May 16 - 21 Cincinnati 
May 22- 28 Chicago & Gary IN

While in OH... sessions at DeSade Academy (Dungeon of Domina Devlynn DeSade)
While visiting Chicago area sessions at The Disciplinarium(Dungeon of Mistrix MsE)
Double sessions strongly encouraged.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Secret Shangri-La AZ seeking strong backs & helping hands for 12hr Storage / Renovation packing party

Secret Shangri-La AZ is getting a major renovation the next few weeks! New windows, new doors, new closets, new kitchen, new appliances, new HVAC, new bathroom, and more NEW NEW NEW!

What does that mean for you:
1. Get your session scheduled, rescheduled, or rental booked within the next 90 hours.
2.  Assist in getting the dungeon disassembled, packed up, stored & out of harms way during renovations.
3.  Get FemDom Lifestyle (FLR) interaction with Myself & several of My FemDom Friends who are coming over to assist with the packing, as well as keeping you boys focused on the tasks at hand.
4. Don't have a strong back or are unavailable yet still want to show your support while Secret Shangri-La AZ is closed for the month of May? Send contributions to$SHawkins 

If A/anyone is available Sunday, May 6th 11 am - Monday, May 7th 4 pm, I could utilize Y/you in a MAJOR way!

If any of this spoke to Y/you feel free to inbox Me or call Me directly to discuss your contribution.
Albeit a fellow FemDom to talk, confide in & assist in packing OR a submissive who is willing to sweat a little, has a strong back, self-confident in communication & negotiation, please reach Me at with "renovation service" in the subject line.

With Love & Gratitude,
Goddess Sadie Hawkins
Owner / Head Madam of Secret Shangri-La AZ

Thursday, April 26, 2018

My interview on FemmeDomme Mystique Podcast

Not sure how I missed this post from when Mistress Simone of Chicago interviewed Me for Her #FemmeDommeMystique #Podcast during DomCon LA.

Take a listen, thumbs up it & Share share SHARE!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Karin Sin OTK promo TRAILER Teaser

Check out My new trailer teaser starring Ms #KarinSin of #MileHighDungeon full-length 6-minute clip can be found on My #Clips4sale studio

Friday, September 29, 2017

In New Orleans, LA 10/5 - 10/10 as a Special Guest for DomCon NOLA 2017

I am visiting New Orleans, LA and being honored as a Special Guest for DomCon NOLA 2017

This year My primary focus will be filming! Potential video victims complete My form for immediate consideration: 

Therefore I have VERY limited availability for sessions, and NO am NOT looking for any personal submissives during this trip.
However,  double domination sessions available with various other Professional Dominants who will be in attending the conference as well (contact Me directly to inquire which FemDoms will be available for double sessions).

A deposit is required to solidify a session NO EXCEPTIONS:

IF sending Me an email ( allow 12-24 hours for a response
(if a response at all) as My days tend to be too busy for immediate email responses when traveling & enjoying a conference.

Should supplicants have questions, concerns, etc they should contact Me via phone at
*82-404-52 2- 2 7 8 9 between 10 am - 11 pm CST for My immediate attention.
NO blocked calls or SMS messages ever entertained!

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Notorious Bossy Delilah visits Secret Shangri-La AZ September 15 -19, 2017

delilah in three pics

A New York City native with Puerto Rican & Irani / Pakistani roots.  Based in Atlanta Georgia since Oct 2013 with frequent travels to; NYC, LA, FL, DC.

Bossy Delilah is a lifelong Dominatrix of incomparable caliber. Her 19+ years of practice in humiliation, degradation and mind fuckery have given Her keen insight into the psyche of the submissive male.  She believes that inside every male is a deeply seated inclination to serve and Obey that can be cultivated and manipulated by the ideal Dominatrix.  She is the catalyst that you seek.

delilah outdoors bondage.jpg
Whether you are about to take your first steps into submission, or if you are a man who knows kneeling well, Her door is open to those who seek Her unique brand of Control. Experience what it is like to be ruled by a True Queen. Surrender and embrace the suffering. To say yes to whatever She has in store for you.

Delilah jeans overshoulder view
Transformation is your destination.

Delilah head shotFor more information about Her and how you can contact Her directly visit:

ezgif delsadie Get this video clip at[/caption]