Monday, December 14, 2009

NOTE TO SELF; Remember 2 Blog!

It has been 3 months since I have written/ blogged anything.
I know I know I know...
however I have thought of writing something more often times than not.

My life has been extremely busy since October & My NYC Trip.
Here's an update to get everyone up to speed:

1. Dom Con Atlanta 2009. AMAZING!
  • Quality 3 a.m. convo with Mistress Cyan, Genesis, & Irene Boss--PRICELESS!
  • Having California's "hoodman" as My house guest, so much fun! Canes & panties is all I am going to say. Check out the video I did with him his first night at "Sadie Manor"
  • Meeting Ms Joy Villa of Hollywood, CA. We certainly raised the roof! (stayed tuned for a video of Our escapade.)
  • Classes and workshops were superb! The convention started off with Mistress LunaSea Pro Domme "Pamper Yourself" complete with gifts, grab bags, cognac for everyone, and even a drawing for a free Massage from Her slave who is CMT. Which I won & definitely needed after My sciatica started acting up from My NYC trip.
  • The Mistress Tea. To see Everyone in drag as men-was a hoot! Totally the highlight of Sunday.

Seeing old friends, Mistress Shakti of NC, Mistress LunaSea, Domina M, Master Pam & Her Family.
Meeting new people & other Mistresses from around the country that I have been talking to online, to meet in person was such a treat!

2. I am officially 2009-2010 Madame Secretary for ONYX Pearls SE and with those duties I have been asked to be Mrs. Kinky Claus at the ONYX holiday Christmas party.

3. I am Moderator and Co-Founder for Black BEAT Atlanta Chapter. Our munch is the 2nd Saturday of each month. Would love to have you come out at support or simply stop by to say hello & feel the love! Black BEAT Atlanta is part of the Black BEAT, Inc. nation wide family.

4. I will be hosting a Kinky Holiday Photo Shoot in collaboration with John Crooms Photography at Studio Eris this Sunday December 20, 2009. Photo packages will be only $20. Call Me directly for more information.

5. I am mentoring a mother/ daughter team & that has been quite interesting! They are both learning more about themselves & the power and strength by simply being an empowered Female of Color.

6. I have a new baby, "Ex./ Educating Xenophobics" a 6 series women's empowerment theatrical & educational series. Ex. will be tackling subjects such as 1. rape prevention & self defense 2. Make Love With Your Whole Body 3. BDSM & Fem Dom relationships, in particular polyamory and cuckoldry. 4. Elder Care and Sexual Health 5. Gender 6. Spirituality & Health.
This series is going to be phenomenal! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 3 MIN TRAILER.

7. I am the Presenter & Workshop Coordinator for Black Thunder 2010. A BDSM weekend educational retreat for People of Color & those that love us to take place in Pigeon Forge TN May 2010.

8. I now have a full time live in submissive; jah; who is also My partner. YES I do date submissives (ones that are worthy). My jah is a trans man; F2M (female to male transgender) meaning he was born biologically female, yet identifies as male & is recognized as a male LEGALLY.
So dating Goddess Sadie will only happen if you were born with all female body parts.
I am that Female Supremacist, in all sence of the word.
My jah has stepped front & center into his responsibilities as My collared submissive both with Me & within the Leather Community: taking a zealous interest in ONYX, the art of Boot blacking; serving on the planning committee for Southern Comfort Conference 2010, & offered to assist Mistress Cyan create more Trans Workshops for Dom Con Atlanta 2010, along with his own personal goals.
I am proud to have him in service to Me! My jah IS proof that good submissives do exist!

9. Putting more time and effort into distance training via Niteflirt. Along with more video shoots ( & workshops/ classes. Also I am traveling nationwide on a monthly basis.

So with ALL of that going, Needless to say I have not remembered to blog UNTIL NOW.
Therefore, you have officially been updated as to the 411/information in Goddess Sadie's World.

And just a friendly reminder, this IS the month of cheerful giving! With December ruled by Jupiter/ the Santa Claus of the Zodiac, Hanukkah, Christmas, & Kwanzaa this month:

Visit My wishlist and make Me smile:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chillin' in the Big APPLE....

So, I have had quite the trip here in Manhattan.
I have been here for 2 full weeks (thanks to the hospitality of Mistress Athenais, hosting Me)
and now My last week here .....I am feeling a funny kinda way. Bittersweet & Melancholy of sorts.....

I don't want to leave just yet, but I am feeling quite homesick.
However I must return home SOON as to prepare for Dom Con Atlanta (
My 2 submissives are starting to grow restless, disobedient and quite anxious for My return home (in that passive aggressive way).
I have to constantly remind them that this is the life of their Mistress; Goddess Sadie. I travel ALOT.
I will be traveling more as the autumn chill hits the air.

This trip to NYC has been quite interesting.
Here are the LOVE highlights:
  • Quality time/priceless bonding with Mistress Athenais
  • Lunch, Shopping, wonderful stimulating/ enlightening conversation & a crash course on NYC's MTA transit by Domina Dante Posh.
  • A Midnight drive/ tour from Jay da Overseer. He was quite the gentleman & oh soooo handsome in that uniform (yes, I have a fetish for a man in a uniform).
  • ANOTHER day of shopping, touring, visiting "The Center" and "Pandora's Box" with Mr. Cunning Linguist complete with an early birthday present a ball length black latex dress that I have had My eye on at My new favorite store "Purple Passion" (I tell you I love the company of a gentleman who knows how to ALWAYS conduct himself as a gentleman. PRICELESS)
  • Turning Pete Tino into a Human Dart Board during Happy Hour at a upscale restaurant in Manhattan Midtown East:
  1. searchid=8ab61bf9-865a-47ae-9559-cceecf62011b and
  • "The Sounds of Slut Zoe." (an upcoming extended video) Complete with Urethral Sounds, Forced Sissification, Anal Dilation. Complete with yet another shopping spree from Purple Passion I LOVE THAT STORE!!!
The HATE highlights:

  • My 1st experience with EXTREME backache and sciatica. I guess My daily back massages at home are more valuable and needed than I ever could have imagined!
  • Cheap ass foot whore Egyptian "Joey" from Brooklyn (646-331-9303) who had the audacity to short Me $100 on a foot session, then proceeded to take off running like a pussy when I asked him for it. WHAT A WANKER! I put his number here for everyone to know (and call him too) what a pathetic loser he is. Officially BLACKLISTED! Lucky for Me I had slue zoe bound in the closet who paid was the good slut and gave Me double tribute. GOTTA LOVE GOOD SLUTS!
  • My computer getting sick and having to be checked in to Geek Squad for 2-5 days. All the Manhattan Best Buy's are super busy. Thank Goddess that Mistress Athenais has an air card......
  • Having My computer on the outs, Video shooting will be to a minimum

I am still wanting to get to the Museum of Sex, and the Statue of Liberty.... any takers?!?
Private Message Me:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NYC or Bust! Goddess Gearing Up for the Big Apple!

So this blog spot of Mine has been active for quite some time & have had somewhat of a writers block as to what I wanted to speculate on. What do I have to speculate on? TOO DAMN MUCH! What do I want to share with cyber land? NOT TOO MUCH!

This trip is oh sooooo long overdue! I will be spending 2 - 3 weeks in NYC, Manhattan.
Thanks to My wonderful & kick ass friend Mistress Athenais who has invited Me to come up for as long as I like. I have learned alot regarding the business of Dominance. She has assisted & inspired Me on My newest passion and path; Hypnotherapy.
Athenais has been more than I could have ever asked for in a Mentor, Fem Domme Sister & Friend. She has shared with Me countless ways in the art of female dominance New York style!

Can't wait to get there! The trouble the two of Us get into...ALWAYS memorable!This trip We will certainly be available for Mistress Athenais speciality; extended sessions! Also making guest appearances around town, various photo shoots & video taping ONGOING during the entire visit. Keep your eyes peeled......

I should be arriving late this week/early next week....
In the meantime, check out My latest You Tube Video I just edited, published & posted: leave a comment too!

While most of My time will be in Manhattan!!!!! (YIPPEY) I do have plans visiting Jersey and Connecticut too. I have a few fellow Female Dominant friends I have been needing to connect with for quite some time.

If you are wanting to be graced with My presence, make yourself seen & heard!

I am ISO of the following:

*A human ATM--that is someone who loves to empty that wallet on Me, that makes Goddess happy.complete with shopping sprees, nights on the town with fellow Fem Domme Friends courtesy of you, your plastic & several trips to the ATM, OH YEAH!

*wanna-be-seen video fanatics-- those that are comfortable with their face shown. if you need a hood, I DONT NEED YOU IN MY VIDEO. Videos will be with Me & several of My Fem Domme Friends of NYC.

*chauffeur--I need you to WANT to drive Me around to various photo shoots, video shoots, meetings with fellow Fem Dommes, parties, sessions, with locations in Connecticut, New Jersey, & NYC all boroughs!

NO issues of road rage, must have luxury, comfortable, spacious LEGAL transportation, clear drivers record, etc. DMV records will be checked, I do know a skip tracer

*a chef, someone who can feed Me well! must be willing to bring Me meals.
It's hard to stay this soft and rubenesque ya know?

*foot slave--someone who WILL be devoted to the complete ATTN of My shoes, toes, soles, nails & including trips to the salon during My visit

*a pain slut/ heavy masochist-- someone who will make them self available to Me when My Sekhmet & Kali Goddess' side needs to express Herself

ANY of this describes you??
Send Me a message via My private email

* Be prepared to give Me references! I will check them. Meaning I will contact those that you have claimed know you or you have served. Rest assured that I believe Her word over yours....

I know more people nationwide than you think I do.
I LOVE NEW YORK CITY & NYC always loves when I come and visit for a spell.....
Hope you are ready?
I know I am!!!