Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chillin' in the Big APPLE....

So, I have had quite the trip here in Manhattan.
I have been here for 2 full weeks (thanks to the hospitality of Mistress Athenais, hosting Me)
and now My last week here .....I am feeling a funny kinda way. Bittersweet & Melancholy of sorts.....

I don't want to leave just yet, but I am feeling quite homesick.
However I must return home SOON as to prepare for Dom Con Atlanta (
My 2 submissives are starting to grow restless, disobedient and quite anxious for My return home (in that passive aggressive way).
I have to constantly remind them that this is the life of their Mistress; Goddess Sadie. I travel ALOT.
I will be traveling more as the autumn chill hits the air.

This trip to NYC has been quite interesting.
Here are the LOVE highlights:
  • Quality time/priceless bonding with Mistress Athenais
  • Lunch, Shopping, wonderful stimulating/ enlightening conversation & a crash course on NYC's MTA transit by Domina Dante Posh.
  • A Midnight drive/ tour from Jay da Overseer. He was quite the gentleman & oh soooo handsome in that uniform (yes, I have a fetish for a man in a uniform).
  • ANOTHER day of shopping, touring, visiting "The Center" and "Pandora's Box" with Mr. Cunning Linguist complete with an early birthday present a ball length black latex dress that I have had My eye on at My new favorite store "Purple Passion" (I tell you I love the company of a gentleman who knows how to ALWAYS conduct himself as a gentleman. PRICELESS)
  • Turning Pete Tino into a Human Dart Board during Happy Hour at a upscale restaurant in Manhattan Midtown East:
  1. searchid=8ab61bf9-865a-47ae-9559-cceecf62011b and
  • "The Sounds of Slut Zoe." (an upcoming extended video) Complete with Urethral Sounds, Forced Sissification, Anal Dilation. Complete with yet another shopping spree from Purple Passion I LOVE THAT STORE!!!
The HATE highlights:

  • My 1st experience with EXTREME backache and sciatica. I guess My daily back massages at home are more valuable and needed than I ever could have imagined!
  • Cheap ass foot whore Egyptian "Joey" from Brooklyn (646-331-9303) who had the audacity to short Me $100 on a foot session, then proceeded to take off running like a pussy when I asked him for it. WHAT A WANKER! I put his number here for everyone to know (and call him too) what a pathetic loser he is. Officially BLACKLISTED! Lucky for Me I had slue zoe bound in the closet who paid was the good slut and gave Me double tribute. GOTTA LOVE GOOD SLUTS!
  • My computer getting sick and having to be checked in to Geek Squad for 2-5 days. All the Manhattan Best Buy's are super busy. Thank Goddess that Mistress Athenais has an air card......
  • Having My computer on the outs, Video shooting will be to a minimum

I am still wanting to get to the Museum of Sex, and the Statue of Liberty.... any takers?!?
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