Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My guest appearance on Dr Susan Block's Speak Easy

Thought I would share....

The Hanukkah Girls Gone Wild & Dommes Gone Fierce show I appeared as a featured guest on:

*scroll completely down to the bottom of the page to listen to the show*

when you have some computer time (and some headphones if you are not in a private / alone space) TUNE IN
& Share your feedback, comments, etc with Me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

*NEWS FLASH* My guest appearance on Dr. Susan Block Speakeasy Talk Show Appearance”

I am quite honored to have been invited to appear on Dr Susan Block Speakeasy.She is the one & only Sexologist to have appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show, Real Sex, NBC Nightline, & Playboy just to name a few.

Learn how amazing She is:

Tonight December 4th @ 1030p.m. P.S.T. (local time for Los Angeles, CA for all you non abbreviated folk)

Myself, Goddess Helena, and -8 have been asked to be guest on Dr. Susan Block Speakeasy to talk about O/our Lifestyle & interesting Triad Dynamic.

Show Y/your support either by calling in @ 1-866-289-7068 OR via LIVE streaming video @:
*not you must scroll down at the bottom of the page to see the streaming video window*

Y/your support would mean alot!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deviant Fun @ The Domination Convention ATL 2010

Damn near a month later I am STILL buzzing from the fun that was had at this years Dom Con Atlanta. I was utterly surprised at the lower turnout this year & was honestly expecting to see a few faces that were sadly missed this year. But that didn't stop this from being yet another memorable weekend!

This year I was flooded with many emotions as I have been in CA for the past 4 months & was beyond nostalgic about coming back home to Atlanta. My personal slaves were on pins & needles awaiting My arrival. My longtime regular clients were more than eager to submit their deposits to ensure I would make time in My hectic crazy schedule for them.
I also needed to make time for family & friends along with celebrating My 35th Earth Born Day.
JAM PACKED WEEK! So much so that I extended My visit by another week.
My first four days were spent at the host hotel; Doubletree in Marietta.
OMFG, talk about a party! I roomed with the infamous Hoodman & the fun that was had--guess you just had to be there! Check out video clips that will soon be available at My clips store (I am in the process of editing damn near 2 hours worth of footage & pictures).

Shout outs for the weekend:
Mistress Cyan; thank You for yet another DomCon Atlanta. I appreciate & admire ALL that you do!
Princess Kali; You are just as wonderful in person as You are online! Much success with Kink Academy. I would love to work with You!
Mistress Miranda Rider; it was a pleasure to meet You & connect with You; definitely going to do a bit of researching and marketing to see if I can finagle a Ohio trip sooner than later.
Mistress Alexia Jordon; I always enjoy time with You & yours! I really like that I was able to show You a taste of Atlanta too. Perhaps You will indeed catch Me in Denver. I just bought a custom wool coat with fur; let's discuss some dates!
Bellaforte; congrats on Your Ms. SE Olympus title! I am sooo glad We finally got to sit down for tea & have some quality one on one time. Thank You for inviting Me into Your home. Your family is beautiful!
Mistress Candella a.k.a. the infamous Aileen Ghettman for Her hospitality & warm heart. Wishing You all the best @ ALL You do. Your dedication & focus will pay off in more ways than one!
Mistress Madyson; You are like My sister from another mother. Can't wait till We connect again! Your rope work is phenomenal! You know I am a world traveler, I might just be in Phoenix sooner than later. I did say I wanted to tour the West Coast more & I know Your city sponsors several events, hmmmmm?
Andriana Santos; WE GOTTA DO THAT AGAIN!!! Thank You for EVERYTHING! The world needs more Fem Doms like You! It's not often I meet Dominas that know the true meaning of Sisterhood. Thanks for coming through for a Sister! Muchos Besos!
Mistress Sabrae; You introduced Me to a new meaning of mobile office! Check out this video I streamed live from the back seat while She was driving down I-24. Now that I am in Nashville, We must spend more quality time.

Anywho, I have shared enough here regarding My memorable weekend; guess you just had to be there. BUT in case you weren't here are a few pics, keep your eyes peeled & your wallets open for upcoming video footage via My clips4sale store.

Me & Mistress Madyson having some fun with My bondage slut:

A long time bondage slut of Mine testing My new blue bondage tape:

Friday, October 1, 2010


YES, can't believe I am saying that!
BUT after working 100% independently for the past 7 years. I CAN!
So today is a day ALL that changed.
LMBAO = (Laughing My Black Ass Off)

I have been putting in some serious fun (and work hours) over at Fetish Chat Live the past several weeks & I have acquired a new pet; Rayn Blue.

She is young & for the 1st time in a long time I appreciate it. Not too stubborn, extremely flexible and open (in more ways than one)! Knows when and how to submit and also knows the what / when/ how I need, when I need it!

YES, she is such the baby dyke / sexy stud/ beautiful boi YET so sexy, so stud, so Sadie, soooo My type!
She expresses herself as a boi most days, yet flips it ultra femme style in a blink of an eye & still be true to herself, her sexuality, her desires, LOVE IT!!

She definitely is giving Me a reason to want to get back to Cali & work more hours.
Never thought I would be saying that BUT YES, I SAID IT.
And for the record YES, I do care deeply for My pets...sometimes even fall head over heels in love!

Stay tuned for video clips at My clips4sale the two of U/us with some bondage, tickle torture, tease & denial, and some XXX Rated Goddess Worship.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

R&R with Kelly Shibari of

So as E/everyone may know I have been super busy and flying full speed ahead since I arrived to CA. With My hectic month (and DomConAtlanta approaching in less that 2 weeks) I decided to skip Folsom Street Fair & TAKE A CHILL PILL; ENJOY SOME DOWN TIME!

My good friend Kelly Shibari, who is the brains behind
has invited Me to cum over and hang out in Her hot tub, relax, & rejuvenate 2day.

Cum take a peek in on the fun at

or be a fly on the wall with LIVE streaming footage from today at Ustream

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Goddess Update, Upcoming Projects & Travel Plans...

My latest update, as to why I have been behind in My emails....
If you have emailed Me in the last 3-4 weeks; either resend or PLEASE BE PATIENT...

Monday, September 20, 2010

All the NEW happenings in My world since I hit CA.

So interesting enough I have recently had the pleasure of working with Antigua Pictures
at Fetish Chat Live and have been meeting some interesting boys that have been conversing in My chat room.

I also have met one bad ass Japanese business woman; Kelly Shibari founder of
She has proven to be one good person! I am soooo blessed & thankful to have been introduced to her. Her energy and professionalism is one I haven't seen in a long time. SOOOO REFRESHING!
We hung out at Dr. Suzy Block's Show last week!
OMG! I had a ball!!!!
Also recently had a spa date with Kelly Shibari and Goddess Helena who just celebrated a birthday!
I was sooo overdue for the spa! I think I will make this a weekly visit...

Guess you just had to be there.
Anywho, I am gearing up for Folsom Street Fair in San Fran this weekend.
and uber excited about Dom Con Atlanta/ The Domination Convention Atlanta this October.
I have not been home to Atlanta in 3 months and talk about homesick!
HOWEVER not enough to be there longer than a week or two--LOL.
I will be in Atlanta available for PROFESSIONAL SESSIONS ONLY.(and a few select subs willing to be in video, sign 2257 waivers, and show their face)

October is also My birthday month so visit My wish list and show your appreciation for the anniversary of the day a Goddess blessed this Earth!

In the meantime in between time, donate to My travel fund....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crying Out...

As E/everyone may or may not be aware of My Birthday is approaching (OCTOBER 20TH)
I am asking for all fans, devotees, submissives, prospective slaves to contribute in making it a comfortable one.
I am doing alot of travel the next several months, which takes MONEY.
Support My Movement because without your support, I can't make magick & appear where you want Me...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cum Chat with Me & check out My latest projects...

Since I am in San Fernando Valley, CA (PORN CAPITAL OF THE WORLD)
My newest venture is ALL about focusing on My web cam presence, filming more clips, videos, photo shoots etc.

Cum show Me some love.

I am on web cam DAILY (try me in the afternoon between 2- 5 p.m. PST & late night around the Witching hour; midnight - 3 a.m. PST)

I also have partnered up with Sorority House Toilet (being the only Domme thus far @ the Sorority House be prepared to see Me make My debut GODDESS SADIE "RUBY" STYLE)

Also I am in the planning stages of filming with Men Are Slaves....stay tuned!

Also I will be updating My clips 4 sale store and My cam clips store over at Fetish Chat Live on a weekly basis.

The folks at Antigua Pictures are treating Me like family and I am welcoming the love--it's been awhile.

Soooo, as you can see; I am busy as a bee these days, over here in the Golden Sunny State of California.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Goddess ISO while in CA

I am new to the Los Angeles / SFV area & I am in search of several things to give Me one more reason to LOVE Cali:
*(not all in one person, BUT if anyone reading this thinks "hey, that sounds like me", or "hey that sounds fun",then I want to hear from you!)

a naturally submissive man who conducts himself like a true gentleman in public YET is very comfortable with his sexuality, has a few submissive kinks /desires in private & knows his proper place?

In touch with their inner bitch who is open to entertaining Me an keeping a smile on My face?
Comfortable & curious enough to explore deep into the Leather Lifestyle Female - Led Relationships, the realm of Dominance & submission, Sado- Masochism, Poly, Swing, Cuckold & Keyholder/Chaste relationships?
Open to serving Me any/ all ways I see fit. Including, video slaves (must be willing to sign a release and expose your face) chauffeur/driver, escorting Me to various functions in / out of town both vanilla & lifestyle events, boy toy, foot slave, stocking & shoe slave, boot black, tailor or access to a seamstress/costume designer, barber, massage therapist, kinesiologist reiki master, etc?

Do you fall weak in the presence of a beautiful strong Dominant Diva ?
Does any/all of this sounds like you?
Are you capable of conducting yourself as a gentleman in public?
if so, send Me an email (@ "")with:


contact number


and what experience u have

or what makes you a good choice

a few of your interests & hard limits


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Goddess in Los Angeles, CA seeking.....

I am loving CA & the hospitality of Fem Dom Friend; Mistress Vixxxen.

I am taking limited appointments for Professional Sessions in the Sherman Oaks, CA area until mid September.

I am also ISO one/all of the following:

a) networking with other Female Dominants from the CA & surrounding areas that are wanting to film clips, longer videos, fetish photography, etc.

b) Masochists willing to be on video --WITHOUT A HOOD & willing to sign a model release

c) Lifestyle submissives, slaves, or human ATM's willing to serve and submit to Me on a long term/ongoing consistent basis. Be willing to make yourself useful any/all ways that makes a Goddess' CA experience more lovely (who knows perhaps you can give Me a reason to relocate permanently)

Make your presence known!
Serious Inquires ONLY!
My Bulllshit detector is on...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yes!! THE live video stream into My realm

With the MANY projects I have in the works I am going to start using this blog as the PRIMARY "411" informative documentation of "What's Good in Goddess World"

I have also started live streaming video where I will turn the cameras ON several times throughout the week.
WATCH NOW, because this special treat is for a limited time.
It will soon PPV (Pay Per View ONLY)
So Enjoy!

Carpe Diem:

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV

Saturday, July 3, 2010

*NEWS FLASH** Check Out My Latest Interview

So My 1st month here in the Bay Area and I have been asked to be interviewed by several different folk.
Kenzie over @ Based Magazine made quite the professional impression, so I was happy to agree to the interview.
I have several projects in the works while I am in CA.

But in the meantime, check out My interview:
Lemme know what u think!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's M-O-N-E-Y $$$

Goddess needs gifts, tributes, and cold hard CASH during My 3 month visit.

Send any/all tributes to account # 4 04-5 22-2789 via

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going back to CA

After being gone from the west coast for wayyyy too long- The Goddesses (and a particular fabulous Ebony Fem Domme Sis)have FINALLY answered My prayers!

Mistress Vixxxen of has offered to host Me for the next few months in the Oakland/ SF Bay Area.
Stay tuned for the upcoming grand opening of Her Studio "Hard Candy Kink"

We (along with a host of other AMAZINGLY SKILLED Femme Dommes) will be available for Professional BDSM/Fetish/Kink Sessions, LIVE video streaming, private parties, public sitings, etc.
Ohhhhhh I can't wait!!!

I also am in need of devotees to donate, gift, tithe, tribute in VARIOUS forms during My 90 day stay.
E/everyone knows just how expensive San Fran can be!

Prior to hitting the west coast I will be available in Lexington, Louisville KY, also Nashville & Memphis, TN during the 1st week in June. SUPPLY & DEMAND, Pre Booking with Deposits ONLY!
*Green Dot
& /Similar to paypal BUT adult friendly & lower rates ".50 cents per $1,000sent"

404-522-2789 Booking, deposits via obopay & green dot money reloads/ submissions ONLY 4 inquiry regarding a session

THEREFORE, Make your presence known....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goddess' Boudoir / Sleepover & Moving Party

After being away from home for soooo long (a month in NYC with My Mistress Sister Friend Mistress Athenais) I have decided to bend & flow with time / change and surreal "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

I will be packing/ purging, giving away & selling MOST EVERYTHING
(minus My Artwork, books, & music)

Yes I have a wonderful career opportunity in San Fran, CA for the next several months (being hosted and assisting Mistress Vixxxen with the debut of Her new Dungeon Studio) and for those that know ANYTHING about Me.....


I ONLY have a week to prepare THUS I need ALL THE HELP I CAN GET.
Mistress Vixxxen is expecting Me no later than the beginning of June 2010.

I am asking for your dedication, zeal, energy, time, inhibitions, voyeuristic/exhibitionist eye INCLUDING your love 4 Me!

I will be having My LAST & FINAL infamous "Boudoir Party" Sunday night - Monday morning.

(complete with willing participants -- EMAIL OR CALL ME FOR DETAILS THAT CAN NOT BE MENTIONED ON the web)

Asking those to indulge with Me in all the hedonism and debauchery you can possibly imagine U KNOW ME!

****Photographers, Videographers & willing participants encouraged to be present*******
(Yes, portions will be documented!
So, NO PRUDES ALLOWED & model release forms must be on file for anyone wanting on the other side of the lens)

IN ADDITION, Monday a.m. BREAKFAST in bed complete with massage!
before I put u to work (LOL)


I NEED ALOT OF HELP with packing & purging.
YES, intervention is needed.

IF you show up on Sunday and/or Monday, items given away or sold for $1
coming over to help any other day of the week, make Me an offer & its yours!

BTW, anyone got (or knows of) someone with a truck AND a strong back?


Call Me directly 4 more juicy details
RSVP and do it ASAP!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I made the Fetish Gossip Online News!

Not for sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing....

Making the fetish news/ gossip/ rumors in the Domination world:

The way I see it, when u are worth talking and gossip is online about You; people are paying way too close attention to your comings & goings.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

good slaves VERSUS bad bitches

So I think I am going to start using this blog to announce various news that I experience in My life.

I travel around the world and meet some interesting characters!
The stories I could tell (BUT WONT--LOL)

Few of them have the balls (no pun intended) to serve & submit 2 Me real time/ outside of the internet world.

Even a smaller amount are fortunate to serve Me ongoing and be apart of either My household or My stable of submissives/slaves/sluts/sissies/piggies/doggies/pet.

HOWEVER most like to entertain & indulge in their fantasies and fetishes from the comfort of cyber land or DISTANCE TRAINING as I like to call it.

Webcam Training, Instant Message Chat/Training, Phone Training, & Postal Training, etc. can be simply that DISTANCE TRAINING.
Know that tribute, GIFTS, & tokens of devotion / appreciation is expected from ALL-- NO EXCUSES! If you are not willing to gift even a $2 book but are wanting to engage in My time, conversation, talents, or simply My Goddess presence--U ARE A SELFISH BITCH & in My world for the wrong reason!

I will give a good example of good slave & bad bitch:

A. a good slave is like the bitch below. he is obedient, does as he is instructed, visits My wish list often & makes My life happier/easier --which should be EACH AND EVERYONE'S mission:

Another thing that makes this bitch a good slave; he is consistent & considers his Mistress at ALL TIMES.

Now an example of a bad bitch / non worthy slave is "a certain lonely pathetic niteflirt slut" (whose name I will NOT mention because he does not deserve to be mentioned) who continues to occupy My time; who perpetually breaks their word, who gives false promises, who is mentally not stable nor sound as far as what they are willing to submit to & experience in REALITY / REAL TIME.

Truth of the matter is:
A submissive might want to live a 24/7 situation however due to certain conditions i.e. profession/job, family, age, location, etc THIS IS NOT REALITY.

Everyone should know that Goddess Sadie's agreements/promises to live by are:
1. Never make assumptions
2. Don't take anything personal
3. Be impeccable with your word
4. Always do your best
(these are the four agreements that are My current pillar 2 life)

So no matter if you are good slave or even a bad bitch the C's are essential:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

NYC Bound -- FINALLY!!!

After 6 months since My last Manhattan visit.
I am pleased to announce that I will be bound for NYC, set to arrive THIS WEEKEND (March 27th/ 28th)!
I will be available for Professional sessions ONLY in Manhattan on the upper east side.
All others desiring My presence, time, energy, etc know that tribute, gifts, & offerings are expected THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
Know that I really enjoy human atm's, human cash cows along with raping wallets!

I am being hosted by My close friend, mentor, and 1 kick ass EXTREMELY skilled Amazon Goddess; Mistress Athenais, therefore Duo sessions are the quintessential situation.
I am collaborating with several of My Fem Domme friends during My 10 day stay. I will be solidifying this sooner than later--so stay tuned for more information).

I will also be in search of video slaves, sluts & anyone else willing to sign My model release form along
with having their face shown THIS TOO IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
(trust and believe there are too many out there that will and I ONLY need to hear from them)
Those who are serious; make their presence known.

I can be reached by phone is best during My stay as I will rarely be on the computer & too busy enjoy the taste of New York City that I am oooh sooooo in love with!
until then.....
Goddess Sadie
*82- *404* 522-2789
All private, blocked calls go ignored!
Text messages also go ignored!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a celebration & acknowledgement of the Goddess within!

This week to My surprise, a yahoo group that I am a member of: [schoolofblackfemalesupremacy · The Study Of Black Female Authority] celebrated My "knowledge, wisdom, & lifestyle! All of which I have been chastised or dissed for at some point in My life.

This brightened up My entire month, as I have been getting settled into My 2nd home here in Nashville, gearing up for this 7 city tour, the consideration collaring of another slave, the physical to Spirit realm transition of a close friend, My sciatica flaring up AGAIN, I tell ya I have been stressed and burning the candle at ALL the ends(to say the least)....

Thought I would share with you what the moderator wrote that had Me feeling all warm and fuzzy


CELEBRATE 2010 BLK FEMALE SUPREMACY YEAR I declare 2010 to be Blk Female Supremacist Year!
my sub brothers, students obeah followers and female Supremacist let us support our dommes in thier Quest to rule thier world and thier universe, let us support thier movement and finacially pledge to them how important they are to us.
building a society of Blk Female Supremacy is quiet easy, it takes a strong economy, a Superior Dominant Woman and willing eager and obediant slaves who are strong enough to support and pledge to do all to help the Superior Domme.
let us all agree that THIS YEAR will be the year of the Blk Dominant Female, let us join her as she begins to create and a society where she is serviced, obeyed and adored!
This month we celebrate the Superiority of Goddess Sadie Hawkins, a wonderful and Superior Dominant woman who is very wise and is very knowledgable of Blk Female Supremacy and all its related philosophies and lifestyle.
Goddess Sadie Hawkins is a member of this group and have been very influencial in teaching us all of the sacred knowledge of the beauty and awe of the dominant woman.
let us stand tall and proud that the Blk Female Goddess Ancestor has created such a magnificent woman, and let us support our Goddess as she continues to build a her own strong economic empire, were she rules over many slaves as Queen/Goddess.
if you are living in the atlanta georgia area, plz beg (politely, patiently and obediantly) to have a session with this powerful Goddess (TRIBUTE WILL BE REQUIRED) and beg for the privalige to be video taped as one of her many slaves so that she can continue to financially profit from you and all other slaves worldwide can share (and be jealous) in your experiences in being at the feet of such a Powerful Dominant woman.
all other slaves not local can also help by ordering clips from her clips 4 sale studio: (copy and paste)
you can also follow this Superior Goddess on twitter:
and also bathed in her wisdom by checking out her youtube channel: