Thursday, March 25, 2010

NYC Bound -- FINALLY!!!

After 6 months since My last Manhattan visit.
I am pleased to announce that I will be bound for NYC, set to arrive THIS WEEKEND (March 27th/ 28th)!
I will be available for Professional sessions ONLY in Manhattan on the upper east side.
All others desiring My presence, time, energy, etc know that tribute, gifts, & offerings are expected THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
Know that I really enjoy human atm's, human cash cows along with raping wallets!

I am being hosted by My close friend, mentor, and 1 kick ass EXTREMELY skilled Amazon Goddess; Mistress Athenais, therefore Duo sessions are the quintessential situation.
I am collaborating with several of My Fem Domme friends during My 10 day stay. I will be solidifying this sooner than later--so stay tuned for more information).

I will also be in search of video slaves, sluts & anyone else willing to sign My model release form along
with having their face shown THIS TOO IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
(trust and believe there are too many out there that will and I ONLY need to hear from them)
Those who are serious; make their presence known.

I can be reached by phone is best during My stay as I will rarely be on the computer & too busy enjoy the taste of New York City that I am oooh sooooo in love with!
until then.....
Goddess Sadie
*82- *404* 522-2789
All private, blocked calls go ignored!
Text messages also go ignored!