Friday, April 23, 2010

I made the Fetish Gossip Online News!

Not for sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing....

Making the fetish news/ gossip/ rumors in the Domination world:

The way I see it, when u are worth talking and gossip is online about You; people are paying way too close attention to your comings & goings.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

good slaves VERSUS bad bitches

So I think I am going to start using this blog to announce various news that I experience in My life.

I travel around the world and meet some interesting characters!
The stories I could tell (BUT WONT--LOL)

Few of them have the balls (no pun intended) to serve & submit 2 Me real time/ outside of the internet world.

Even a smaller amount are fortunate to serve Me ongoing and be apart of either My household or My stable of submissives/slaves/sluts/sissies/piggies/doggies/pet.

HOWEVER most like to entertain & indulge in their fantasies and fetishes from the comfort of cyber land or DISTANCE TRAINING as I like to call it.

Webcam Training, Instant Message Chat/Training, Phone Training, & Postal Training, etc. can be simply that DISTANCE TRAINING.
Know that tribute, GIFTS, & tokens of devotion / appreciation is expected from ALL-- NO EXCUSES! If you are not willing to gift even a $2 book but are wanting to engage in My time, conversation, talents, or simply My Goddess presence--U ARE A SELFISH BITCH & in My world for the wrong reason!

I will give a good example of good slave & bad bitch:

A. a good slave is like the bitch below. he is obedient, does as he is instructed, visits My wish list often & makes My life happier/easier --which should be EACH AND EVERYONE'S mission:

Another thing that makes this bitch a good slave; he is consistent & considers his Mistress at ALL TIMES.

Now an example of a bad bitch / non worthy slave is "a certain lonely pathetic niteflirt slut" (whose name I will NOT mention because he does not deserve to be mentioned) who continues to occupy My time; who perpetually breaks their word, who gives false promises, who is mentally not stable nor sound as far as what they are willing to submit to & experience in REALITY / REAL TIME.

Truth of the matter is:
A submissive might want to live a 24/7 situation however due to certain conditions i.e. profession/job, family, age, location, etc THIS IS NOT REALITY.

Everyone should know that Goddess Sadie's agreements/promises to live by are:
1. Never make assumptions
2. Don't take anything personal
3. Be impeccable with your word
4. Always do your best
(these are the four agreements that are My current pillar 2 life)

So no matter if you are good slave or even a bad bitch the C's are essential: