Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going back to CA

After being gone from the west coast for wayyyy too long- The Goddesses (and a particular fabulous Ebony Fem Domme Sis)have FINALLY answered My prayers!

Mistress Vixxxen of has offered to host Me for the next few months in the Oakland/ SF Bay Area.
Stay tuned for the upcoming grand opening of Her Studio "Hard Candy Kink"

We (along with a host of other AMAZINGLY SKILLED Femme Dommes) will be available for Professional BDSM/Fetish/Kink Sessions, LIVE video streaming, private parties, public sitings, etc.
Ohhhhhh I can't wait!!!

I also am in need of devotees to donate, gift, tithe, tribute in VARIOUS forms during My 90 day stay.
E/everyone knows just how expensive San Fran can be!

Prior to hitting the west coast I will be available in Lexington, Louisville KY, also Nashville & Memphis, TN during the 1st week in June. SUPPLY & DEMAND, Pre Booking with Deposits ONLY!
*Green Dot
& /Similar to paypal BUT adult friendly & lower rates ".50 cents per $1,000sent"

404-522-2789 Booking, deposits via obopay & green dot money reloads/ submissions ONLY 4 inquiry regarding a session

THEREFORE, Make your presence known....

Friday, May 7, 2010

Goddess' Boudoir / Sleepover & Moving Party

After being away from home for soooo long (a month in NYC with My Mistress Sister Friend Mistress Athenais) I have decided to bend & flow with time / change and surreal "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

I will be packing/ purging, giving away & selling MOST EVERYTHING
(minus My Artwork, books, & music)

Yes I have a wonderful career opportunity in San Fran, CA for the next several months (being hosted and assisting Mistress Vixxxen with the debut of Her new Dungeon Studio) and for those that know ANYTHING about Me.....


I ONLY have a week to prepare THUS I need ALL THE HELP I CAN GET.
Mistress Vixxxen is expecting Me no later than the beginning of June 2010.

I am asking for your dedication, zeal, energy, time, inhibitions, voyeuristic/exhibitionist eye INCLUDING your love 4 Me!

I will be having My LAST & FINAL infamous "Boudoir Party" Sunday night - Monday morning.

(complete with willing participants -- EMAIL OR CALL ME FOR DETAILS THAT CAN NOT BE MENTIONED ON the web)

Asking those to indulge with Me in all the hedonism and debauchery you can possibly imagine U KNOW ME!

****Photographers, Videographers & willing participants encouraged to be present*******
(Yes, portions will be documented!
So, NO PRUDES ALLOWED & model release forms must be on file for anyone wanting on the other side of the lens)

IN ADDITION, Monday a.m. BREAKFAST in bed complete with massage!
before I put u to work (LOL)


I NEED ALOT OF HELP with packing & purging.
YES, intervention is needed.

IF you show up on Sunday and/or Monday, items given away or sold for $1
coming over to help any other day of the week, make Me an offer & its yours!

BTW, anyone got (or knows of) someone with a truck AND a strong back?


Call Me directly 4 more juicy details
RSVP and do it ASAP!