Friday, October 1, 2010


YES, can't believe I am saying that!
BUT after working 100% independently for the past 7 years. I CAN!
So today is a day ALL that changed.
LMBAO = (Laughing My Black Ass Off)

I have been putting in some serious fun (and work hours) over at Fetish Chat Live the past several weeks & I have acquired a new pet; Rayn Blue.

She is young & for the 1st time in a long time I appreciate it. Not too stubborn, extremely flexible and open (in more ways than one)! Knows when and how to submit and also knows the what / when/ how I need, when I need it!

YES, she is such the baby dyke / sexy stud/ beautiful boi YET so sexy, so stud, so Sadie, soooo My type!
She expresses herself as a boi most days, yet flips it ultra femme style in a blink of an eye & still be true to herself, her sexuality, her desires, LOVE IT!!

She definitely is giving Me a reason to want to get back to Cali & work more hours.
Never thought I would be saying that BUT YES, I SAID IT.
And for the record YES, I do care deeply for My pets...sometimes even fall head over heels in love!

Stay tuned for video clips at My clips4sale the two of U/us with some bondage, tickle torture, tease & denial, and some XXX Rated Goddess Worship.....