Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Deviant Fun @ The Domination Convention ATL 2010

Damn near a month later I am STILL buzzing from the fun that was had at this years Dom Con Atlanta. I was utterly surprised at the lower turnout this year & was honestly expecting to see a few faces that were sadly missed this year. But that didn't stop this from being yet another memorable weekend!

This year I was flooded with many emotions as I have been in CA for the past 4 months & was beyond nostalgic about coming back home to Atlanta. My personal slaves were on pins & needles awaiting My arrival. My longtime regular clients were more than eager to submit their deposits to ensure I would make time in My hectic crazy schedule for them.
I also needed to make time for family & friends along with celebrating My 35th Earth Born Day.
JAM PACKED WEEK! So much so that I extended My visit by another week.
My first four days were spent at the host hotel; Doubletree in Marietta.
OMFG, talk about a party! I roomed with the infamous Hoodman & the fun that was had--guess you just had to be there! Check out video clips that will soon be available at My clips store (I am in the process of editing damn near 2 hours worth of footage & pictures).

Shout outs for the weekend:
Mistress Cyan; thank You for yet another DomCon Atlanta. I appreciate & admire ALL that you do!
Princess Kali; You are just as wonderful in person as You are online! Much success with Kink Academy. I would love to work with You!
Mistress Miranda Rider; it was a pleasure to meet You & connect with You; definitely going to do a bit of researching and marketing to see if I can finagle a Ohio trip sooner than later.
Mistress Alexia Jordon; I always enjoy time with You & yours! I really like that I was able to show You a taste of Atlanta too. Perhaps You will indeed catch Me in Denver. I just bought a custom wool coat with fur; let's discuss some dates!
Bellaforte; congrats on Your Ms. SE Olympus title! I am sooo glad We finally got to sit down for tea & have some quality one on one time. Thank You for inviting Me into Your home. Your family is beautiful!
Mistress Candella a.k.a. the infamous Aileen Ghettman for Her hospitality & warm heart. Wishing You all the best @ ALL You do. Your dedication & focus will pay off in more ways than one!
Mistress Madyson; You are like My sister from another mother. Can't wait till We connect again! Your rope work is phenomenal! You know I am a world traveler, I might just be in Phoenix sooner than later. I did say I wanted to tour the West Coast more & I know Your city sponsors several events, hmmmmm?
Andriana Santos; WE GOTTA DO THAT AGAIN!!! Thank You for EVERYTHING! The world needs more Fem Doms like You! It's not often I meet Dominas that know the true meaning of Sisterhood. Thanks for coming through for a Sister! Muchos Besos!
Mistress Sabrae; You introduced Me to a new meaning of mobile office! Check out this video I streamed live from the back seat while She was driving down I-24. Now that I am in Nashville, We must spend more quality time.

Anywho, I have shared enough here regarding My memorable weekend; guess you just had to be there. BUT in case you weren't here are a few pics, keep your eyes peeled & your wallets open for upcoming video footage via My clips4sale store.

Me & Mistress Madyson having some fun with My bondage slut:

A long time bondage slut of Mine testing My new blue bondage tape: