Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I have been asked to be a Special Guest on Playboy Radio!

Tune In & LISTEN!!!
SUPPORT My Playboy Radio interview (it's only going to be 1hr long) @ 9pm P.S.T. (Cali time)/ 12 Midnight E.S.T.(NYC/East Coast Time)
Wed Jan19th TONIGHT
Sirrus radio station 108 & XM Station 248!
I'm honored & excited....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inventory & Reorganizing My 50 lb toy bag....

In this video LIVE via UStream tv, I share with cyberland what is exactly in my toy bag when I travel (of course I left a few things out)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

FINALLY a true slave presents itself 2 Me in CA

I have been visiting the Southern California area for the majority of 2010 & it has been hell finding any true submissives!

Considering I have been a Lifestyle Domina for over a decade; I admit I am used to having a stable of at least 3 - 5 submissives serving Me consistently. So yes, I am out of My comfort zone with NOT A SINGLE submissive. Ugh!

Unfortunately, I have experienced 1st hand that Los Angeles has greedy, selfish, submissives, bottoms & fetishists that think of nothing but their own needs & agenda being fulfilled. THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR ME! If you are not service orientated with basic gentleman upbringing/training--find another Dominant to serve or pursue!

I require & desire any one that wishes to serve or submit to Me to understand that it is ALL ABOUT ME!
My comfort!
My entertainment!
My agenda!
YES, your goal is My happiness! PERIOD!

So after 6 months or weeding thru all the plastic, fake, flake, and self consumed fucks in this city...
a boy with a true slave spirit shows up in My life.
WHAT a Christmas / Kwanzaa present to Self!

I will not reveal his name just yet (yes, I like to rename My property once I learn them inside & out) so for right now I will call him; my 'sd boy.'

My 'sd boy' truly has a slave heart, he is eager to serve & show Me that he is willing to put the work in!

after O/our 1st week of intensive training, he was willing to show his devotion by allowing My to place him in chastity & surprised Me with a gift! A beautiful garnet & diamond tennis bracelet that belonged to his grandmother.

Doesn't the beautiful garnet and gold go great with My chocolate skin?!?!!

This one is looking like 'sdboy' just might be a keeper?!??
Stay tuned for video clips of O/our exploits!

BTW, these pics are from the morning after of O/our 1st rough body play & corporal sessions.
I tell ya, one of the many reason I love fair skinned pasty white boys....they turn so many different colors; red, blue, purple, black -OH MY I GOT SO EXCITED I HAD TO SNAP SOME PICS!
(and yes, I did carve My name and a lot of of 'S' for Sadie!)

'sd boy' was proud to show off his "bruise of honor" damn near a week after W/we played. Talk about a masochist! I LOVE IT!