Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am OFFICIALLY a special guest with the Cult Sirens!

So, with Me wanting to work on My global / international/worldwide presence I recently had the honor of connecting with Ben Chenier, President of Cult Sirens.
I was more than honored when he expressed interest in the possibility of working with Cult Sirens, including a guest appearance and interview on his site Fetish Cult Sirens.
Cult Sirens are based out of Montreal...which means I MAY FINALLY GET AN OPPORTUNITY TO TRAVEL ABROAD FOR WORK!

Yes I am doing the happy dance!

Check out My guest appearance & take a moment to read My interview.
(I spent alot of time on thinking about those answers dammit)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Thought Provoking Quote...

Considering I have identified as a Leather Woman for quite some time, I am always being asked:
"What does that mean??"

Thanks to a certain slut bitch, I received "The Master's Manual: A Handbook of Erotic Dominance" By Jack Rinella

Jack Rinella uses language that has always spoke to My voice; it's as if He took the words right out of My mouth:

"Leather is a state of mind, an attitude, a mode of perception. We of the the Leather community share beliefs about power, lifestyle, and world view.
All of this is merely ephemeral until it is lived in a practical way. Leather is more than a philosopical outlook.

It is the clothes we wear, the sexual activities, we pursue, the tribes we create, the spaces we enjoy. It is most of all the decisions we make: to live by the drummer in our own hearts, seeking a powerful, sensuous, open, and truthful life.

We fall short of these goals. But we pursue them nonetheless.

Taken from Chapter 2 "What is Leather? page 18 & 19"

Spend some time on Mr. Rinella's website or purchase one of His books. You just might learn something!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughtful words from one of My favorite S/M clients

As I was organizing My mess of an inbox online today, I ran across some mail from one of My favorite Sado-masochistic & hardcore cock torture clients on the east coast.
After we have a session he always sends Me such thoughtful words regarding our experience together. (stay tuned, I will be editing footage from our last session SOONER THAN LATER)
Hopefully they will make you all warm and fuzzy deep down inside as they do Me...

(this one is from over a year ago & after our 1st session)
Dear Goddess,

Thank You!

Last Night I feel, was a wonderful start to a beautiful relationship. We can build on that! I am so totally Pleased and Thrilled to have met you. I am sure there is a tremendous potential of Pleasure that we need to Explore ;-) Last night just scratched the Surface.

You are the Complete Goddess! Intelligent, Understanding, Compassionate, Beautiful and Adventurous! I would be a complete Idiot if I didn't Worship You, the Way You deserve.

Just had to let you know...

Love You,

From Our next session...
Dear Goddess,

I truly enjoyed all aspects of you! Dinner was Fun, I found you quite Interesting and Intelligent. You are indeed Special, maybe the one I have always longed for. Having said that... Damn You, I can't stop thinking of you! I find myself thinking of you as I am driving and the next thing I know is I am 200 miles down the Road.

I am proud of your marks, go ahead and Brand Me! I thought our last Session was actually mild, kind of just getting to know each other. I liked it best when you stood over me and were Trampling my Cock, it was the most physical of our exchanges.

I looked at your 'Flying Squirrel', lol... I didn't think that it was that extreme! You can do that to me or even better if you want. I eventually would like to work up to you skewering my Cock Shaft, you never see that done! When my ankles are shackled, I am your Slave for you to do with as you see fit. I am only there to serve you then, Fulfill your Darkest Desires! Think on this... I am Bound and in Pain. I Sob and Beg you not to Hurt me. You take my Swollen Cock, Grasp it with all your Might and Drive the Skewer 4 inches down though the Head and Cock Shaft as I Convulse in Pain, You are immediately Awash with a Sense of Power, Pleasure and Satisfaction. Did that make you Smile? I hope it did, although you will have a hard time making me Beg or Sob. I wont Pretend, I want all our experiences to be Real. Someday I will let you know what I would really like you to do to make me serve you. I will look into your Tens Unit ;-).

I was very pleased that we enjoy each other outside of the Dungeon Setting. I will always be Honest and Sincere with you. I had not thought our first meeting could go that well... You seem to complete me.

Until we meet again, which will probably seem like forever, Chris

after another meeting, but with far later than either of us would like;
Divine Goddess and Voluptuous Priestess of Pain,
I think of You often and am just biding my Time till we meet again. I long to serve You.

I really enjoyed our last meeting but they always seem to be cut short. I think we are making good progress toward reaching the Intense Sadistic Scene we both Crave and Desire. I sense You enjoy our Meetings and I will release complete Control to You.

Many consider Skewering a Cock with Needles Dangerous, but it was Exciting and my Heart Pounded when You did it. It was Intense when you hooked up the Tens Unit and the Current pushing through my Cock was Pulsing with my Heartbeat. It was Exquisite at that point but not much Pain, then you Grabbed my Cock and Squeezed, that was it! That Wonderful Searing Pain was more than I could Endure, You could have made me do anything at that point! lol...
You asked me once what I was Afraid of, and I couldn't think of much. You scared me a little last meeting when I let you pierce my Cock knowing it could cause Damage, but I couldn't say 'No'. I long for you to Brand me.

I find the Sadomasochistic Videos online to be quite Phony or Fake. There is nothing online with Cock Skewering at all. I think the more Sadistic and Extreme a Video is, the more Popular it would be. My Cock head felt Numb after the Needles and I really wanted you to Stomp on it. I wish we had Pictures of the Needles. I believe You could make a Real S/M Video that would be Popular. Why? It would be Real and Intensely Sadistic.

I see you are quite Busy and settling in to your new Settings there in So Cal. I bet You are having a Great Time as Adventurous as you are. I hope you are making many new Friends. Is North Hollywood still the Kink Capitol of the Universe? Please keep in Touch, I will await to hear from you, but I will be patient.

Your slave and target, Chris

this is from 5 months ago, when I asked him to write a review on Maxfisch for Me;
Gorgeous Goddess,

You make my Heart Leap and my Pulse Quicken.

Of Course you can use my Words and You don't have to delete my name or cover my Identity unless You wish too. I know you have a signed Release Form from me...

I would be Proud to give you a Review, I am just waiting for Maxfisch to approve my User-name and Password. 'hertzsogood' wouldn't you know.

Basically I will share how you make me feel 'Alive' with your Satisfying Skills that Thrill my World by Fulfilling my Needs. lol... Will that do? I will be Specific and Graphic, so as to Convey the True Nature of Our Meetings, they are Real and Genuine. That is Rare! I know I say it a lot, but you really are my Goddess.

I hope this Note makes You Feel Good, I felt good writing it. But of course you can beat that out of me next time we meet. Till Then...

Your Frustrated Servant in Need of Discipline, Chris

this message is from our last session 2 months ago;
Divine Goddess,
Just a message to try to keep in touch and see how You are doing. I enjoyed listening to You on Dr Block's Radio Show, especially the 'Defining Part'. I just wish You were the Sole Guest... ;-)
I really do ache for You... at least I certainly did after our last session, unfortunately the Soreness went away after a few Days. I love the Delicious Pain You have given me but I feel we are just warming up to the True Potential that we can reach. I was impressed at Your growing expertise with the Tens Unit and You were Wonderful Biting me. I just wish You had left permanent marks. The Truth is I would let You do anything you want, as I am incapable of saying No to you. I Dream of You doing Real Damage. Some day we will achieve the Intense Sadistic Scene that will give us both Tremendous Satisfaction.
You had asked me to send You photos of the Bruising, but none appeared that would be apparent in a Photo.
The same is true of the numerous small cuts You left on my Cock Head.
You really hurt me and I Thank You for that!
I get the Sense that You would like to see Colors. We can work on that!! I actually Enjoy Scalding my Cock and that Turns it a Bright Pink, or Tie up my Cock and Balls till they turn Blue. I always feel after our Sessions that we were just getting Started... lol.
I hope the Holidays were good to You. You are in my thoughts a lot. I just wish I had more opportunities to see you. I am patient and look forward to seeing you again.
Till then, Your Lucky and Adoring Victim, Chris
PS. My Twin Brother expressed interest in meeting You. Would You consider? Just a thought...

isn't he just the sweetest sadomasochist victim you ever did read about?
re reading these emails made My day, as I am WAY OVERDUE for a heavy S/M scene.
What's a Domme to do?!?