Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lots of Action 4 Professional Dominatrices @ LeatherFET, Charlotte NC Dec 1 -4

It is a honor & privilege to announce that I have been appointed as the
Pro Domina Liaison for LeatherFET

* I will be hosting a Meet & Greet Social Saturday night @ 8 pm
This is the perfect time to pop in and get to know all the Professional Dominatrices attending LeatherFET.
ATTN: Pro Doms, make sure to your bring business cards!

* Sunday at 10 am I will be facilitating an Pro Dom Panel. (similar to a Discussion Panel / Q &A)

Please bring any questions you have about the Professional aspect of Domination. We will discuss the difference from Lifestyle Domination versus Professional Domination. Why some of Us decide to go Pro? We will also touch on some of the misconceptions people have with Professional Domination.
*If you are a Professional Dominatrix & would like to be apart of this panel. Please email me directly via my email: ""

* Sunday at 7pm there will be a CLOSED meeting for Professional Dominatrices ONLY
This will give us a space share the "Good, Bad, & Ugly of Professional Domination"
Please note this is not a gossip or a bitch session, but an opportunity for us to share experiences with one another.
**What is discussed in this CLOSED meeting, stays at this closed meeting**

*I also would like to invite any/all that might be interested to attend one or both of my classes I will be teaching:

1. Saturday at 1145am
"The History of Tight Lacing, Corsetry & its influence on Women's intimate apparel."
In this class I will discuss the history of corsets & tightlacing. How to determine what corset style is best for your individual body type. Why some women tightlace, its health benefits & determents. How to properly lace a corset & more! Feel free to bring your own corsets & questions you may have about this historic tradition.

2. Friday at 315pm
"The ins & outs of enemas"
In this class I will cover one very dirty subject; ENEMAS!
Maintaining the integrity of Risk Aware Consensual Kinky Enema Play. I will cover what to buy and what NOT to buy, household grocery items used in enema play. I will also touch on advanced topics such as coffee enemas & herbal enemas, alcohol enemas & the subject of forced intoxication.

Feel free to contact Me directly off this site either via email:
or via phone
404-522-2789 if you have any questions, comments, concerns.

Looking forward to seeing E/everyone!

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