Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays! Presents, Gifts & Tributes GALORE!

This holiday season has proven to be one of the more impressionable ones!
A number of devoted submissives, sluts, sissies, pets, & piggies have stepped up this year.
Glad they have gotten My 2012 motto "Quality NOT Quantity"
Here is the video for those that have yet to get My message/motto:

I have been all smiles for the past week receiving knocks at My door from USPS, UPS, FedEx (NOTE TO THOSE OUT THERE, I do not support FedEx! Please send EVERYTHING USPS. I contribute to Our United States Postal Service EVERY WAY & ANYWAY I personally can. Therefore expect you to do the same.)
Here are a few of the boxes/ tributes I have received over the past few weeks. Once the packages slow down a bit, I will do a short video with ALL that I have received  A GODDESS IS TRULY HAPPY, GRATEFUL!!!

So for all the rest out there that have yet to receive a return phone call, return email, or My acknowledgement. Quality NOT quantity. Get your gifts & tributes in OTHERWISE, continued to be IGNORED.....

Loyalty & Love does NOT hang up in your face!


    [loi-uhl-tee] –noun, plural ties.
1.the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments
or obligations.
2.faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause,etc. example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or thelike:
a man with fierce loyalties.
1350–1400; ME loialte < MF. See loyal, -ty2
—Related formsnon·loy·al·ty, noun, plural -ties.o·ver·loy·al·ty, noun, plural -ties.un·loy·al·ty, noun, plural -ties.

2. fealty, devotion, constancy. Loyalty, allegiance, fidelity allimply
a sense of duty or of devoted attachment to something or someone.
Loyalty connotes sentiment and the feeling of devotion that one
holds for one’s country, creed, family, friends, etc.
Allegiance applies particularly to a citizen’s duty to his
or hercountry, or, by extension, one’s obligation to support a
party,cause, leader, etc. Fidelity implies unwavering devotion
and allegiance
to a person, principle, etc.

1, 2. faithlessness.


This post by fellow Fem Dom; Ms Joclyn DeVou; spoke to My Spirit.
After ongoing unhealthy communication & interaction with a previously collared slave/boyfriend the word "LOYALTY" is all I can say.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Year 4 Me! Birthday Blessings Abound!

October is My life anniversary month, My birth month, The month I blessed the Earth with My human existence. Most of you in cyber land reading this blog probably already know this- BUT in case you do not, NOW YOU KNOW!

Your birthday is suppose to mark the beginning of a new year for yourself.
This is the case with Me. The last month end of My 2012 year (September) proven to be My most challenging month yet.
I lost both My Daddy & Stepfather within a 48 hour period of each other which hit Me pretty hard.
When I got the news that My daddy was on life support I flew to his bedside immediately, which landed Me on the East Coast.
After he made his transition, alot of emotions and memories of "Daddy's Princess" stirred up to the surface.

I was surrounded by family I hadn't seen since I was a little girl, some family I had nevr. Legal matters that now rested on My shoulders & "vanilla" life that now took a front row seat during a time when I usually focus on Myself and My career (DomCon Atlanta 2012 season).
After spending 2 weeks in the country with My kinfolk, siblings I never knew existed, a Hawkins family that had a legacy bigger than I could have ever imagined. I was overwhelmed with emotion!
What this had Me realize is tomorrow is NEVER promised!
Spend time cultivating those relationships that are most important to you.
Once time passes you can NEVER get them back. The past is just that THE PAST.
As I grow another year older & another year wiser.
I notice I grow less tolerant to the BULLSHIT.
Which brings Me back to My mantra for 2012:
I have had to release a few submissives & devotees that have served Me for years.
Why you ask?
BECAUSE they have not stepped up to the plate and shown they do not value My worth.
NO EXCUSES is My motto.
I want to see action!!!
Actions speak, words fall on deaf ears....
Let Me not be too harsh, there are a few that have shown action.
Albeit via tributes, letters, gifts, obedience, & consistency. Your good deeds have not gone unnoticed.
You know who you are!!!
Here are a few photos from those that have proven to Me that they "get it"
 These two pictures are from My long time sado-maso devotee; Chris
The top picture are the needle work he so loved & the bottom picture is the beautiful bloody aftermath once I removed the needles--I JUST LOVE BLOOD!

One of My Atlanta bitch boys (I named him "Sweet Ass") cleaning the cat shit off My tennis shoes after a day of running around-- I stepped in pussy poo somewhere along the path. Sweet ass earned his spot on My blog NOT for his bull shit financial contribution, but for his willingness to entertain Me & submit to the most humiliating tasks-- CLEANING SHIT OFF GODDESS' SHOE.
Next time I guarantee this sweet ass bitch will have his total tribute, or he already knows I will be pimping his sweet ass  out for My profit (oh, yes- I will capture that on video & share it with the entire Internet world if/when it comes to that)

My newest pair of  birthday boots from My Arkansas foot slave

 Hand made cedar paddles a TN spanking enthusiast made for Me. Such a pleasant surprise, OMFG they pack a  nice stingy wallop-- AND THEY SMELL AMAZING! ahhh fresh country cedar!!!
Surprise custom made Cedar paddles  = A Happy Mistress!

There is still time to earn your spot & show Me that "you get it."
Quality NOT Quantity 
Birthday Blessings Abound!

Filled With Gratitude,

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall 2012 News & Travel Updates

So here we are, approaching the Fall season. My favorite season of the year. It's also My birthday season! I am looking forward to visiting My home; Atlanta, GA. To all My long time devotees, slaves, submissives, & pets GET THOSE DEPOSITS & GIFTS IN NOW.
Once I arrive to Atlanta, My spare time seems to be non-existent!
You know what happened last October when I visited???? My schedule was so super uber busy I ONLY sessioned with those that followed My instruction; got their deposit in & scheduled their time/ day PRIOR to My arrival.

So with that being said; GET THOSE DEPOSITS, GIFTS & TRIBUTES IN SOONER THAN LATER. I am accepting several methods of payment; including Green Dot Money Reload Packs
Obopay.comAmazon Payments & I am also processing credit card payments Myself all you need to do is give Me a call with credit card in hand (you will need to allow 5- 7 business days for the amount to clear IF this is your 1st time having Me DIRECTLY process your deposit). Also note if you need more info regarding these methods, you may click on them directly here in My blog and a separate window should open the link to walk you through it.

For those of you that are not aware, I am a tad bit old fashioned and truly enjoy postal surprises (MONEY--yes I have devotees send CASH via USPS. Just get some damn insurance on it!)and Birthday presents can be sent directly to Me:
Ms. S. Hawkins
P.O. Box 66903
Phoenix, AZ  85082

Here are the links to My wish lists via amazon:
Kinky Medical Supplies:
Library Registry I LOVE BOOKS:
A Foot Fetishist Dream:
General Wish List; a little of everything
Amazon makes it easy; just add it to your shopping card & enter your payment info. It will arrive directly to My door. YES; idiot proof!
Enough of the Financial Money talk: I think I have gotten My point across & given you all the tools, tips & links to get the point.
My travel itinerary for the fall thus far:
  • August 29th - 31st; Louisville, KY
  • September 2nd - September 10th; Pittsburgh, PA
  • September 14 - 17th;  Tucson, AZ
  • Mid October;  Atlanta, GA
  • Mid December; Manhattan, NYC 
  • Mid December; Secaucus, NJ
  • Mid December; Boston, MA
EXACT dates for December travel will be announced Mid November.
Get your Goddess fix sooner than later. I will not be back on the East coast until Spring 2013.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Announcing My latest protégée; Ms Honey Brown

A common ritual  in the Leather Lifestyle is "earning your Leather". Often people ask Me what does this mean. It is complex & not easy for Me answer however the best explanation is how I came up in this Community. How I was trained, mentored, & received hands on tactile skills from the best of the best! Earning My Leather was from the bottom up "literally."

Earning Leather happens AFTER certain skills, experiences, & accomplishments between a Dominant & submissive (in this case a Mentor & a Protégée).

Ms Brown approached Me soon after My relocation to Phoenix in early 2011. As time passed I observed Her innate Nubian Female Superiority & Her OBEAH Lifestyle upbringing; We instantly became close friends! I had forgotten about Her initial inquiry....learning My "tricks of the trade" & Her formal introduction into the realm of Female Dominance. With My most sincerest consideration, I agreed to Mentor Her under a few conditions. One of these conditions was that She submit to Me and "earn Her Leather."  Ms Honey consented to this "arrangement" & the rest shall We say is becoming Herstory!

As with all things in this Lifestyle nothing is given, except the submission of another. I believe you earn your Leathers as you earn your rank as a Professionally Skilled Domina.

Ms Honey Brown has committed Herself to learning under My tutelage & I think EVERYONE will be uber excited to become familiar with Ms Honey Brown.
We will be doing a bit of traveling together, offering Pro Domme & switch sessions (Ms Honey will be doing the switching. Everyone knows that is NOT Me), several videos & pictures together. Along with FemDom Lifestyle events in/around the area. 
So if there are any submissive white males out there that are open to being Our guinea pig; Email Me @ "" with:
"Guinea Pig 4 Ms Honey Brown" in the subject line. 
This is going to be worth documenting every step of the way, so stay tuned....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Latest interview on "Dominatrix Conversations"

As everyone may or may not know that I love to talk!
I especially love to speak on topics that I am zealous about.
One of those topics would be the dynamics between Dominant Women & submissive men; inparticular chastity, orgasm control, tease & denial, Female Led Relationships (among other things).
So I implore when you have 40 min or so, check out My latest interview:
Your feedback, comments, questions on any/all the points I touch on in this interview can be emailed DIRECTLY to Me at:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

DomCon LA 2012 Late Night Party Info & Promo Teaser Trailer

During DomCon LA 2012 I will be hosting FemDom themed Late Night Parties in My private room consistently each night at/around midnight (Friday, Sat & Sunday night) May 18th -20th.

On the agenda:
Fem Dom Strap on Gang Bang, Foot Fetish Festivities, Smothering Stations, Trample Temple & Objectification Themed Parties.

This is NOT only a party but filming & picture taking with Myself, Goddess Destroi & numerous other Pro FemDoms from around the world will be in attendance!
Model Release (2257 Compliant) forms MUST be submitted for all those in attendance.
For More info email Me directly at ""

Include in the subject line "DomCon LA Late Night Party Info"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May = National Masturbation Month

It's that time again - National Masturbation Month. You don't have to join the San Francisco based Masturbate-a-Thon, BUT I am going to encourage E/everyone to join Me & celebrate every day of the month of May with new ways of reaching your very happy place. 

I am also asking all My followers/ fans/ devotees to email Me your pictures, videos, stories, etc. showing Me what creative ways you have celebrated the month of May as National Masturbation Month. (Include in the subject line "Natl Masturbation Month")
I will be choosing a select few that really get My juices flowing (no pun intended--LOL) to showcase & share here on My blog.

For those that may NOT know; I truly am a Hedonist to the core and love all things that get Me all warm & fuzzy inside where I can journey to that bliss filled place--so make your entries & emails good!

Masturbation, in this case, means simply: The stimulation of yourself or another for sexual pleasure. You don’t have to orgasm. You can do the stimulating or be stimulated. You can be alone, with a partner, with a crowd, with your favorite toy or your favorite hand.

Enjoy yourself and be creative!

I am also sponsoring a Masturbate-a-Thon fundraiser via skype conferencing to support My trip to San Francisco, CA to pursue Certification training to become a certified Sex Therapist from the American Association of Sex Educators. At the Center for Sex & Culture. 
Your donated funds are tax-deductible since the Center for Sex & Culture is a non-profit. So pull that credit card out & Donate, Donate, DONATE!
To be apart of My Masturbate-a-Thon you must do the following:
Pledge with - Donate with WePay

The INTENT of the Masturbate-a-Thon is to encourage people to talk about masturbation in a positive, non-shame based way.
Pledging supports this mission!

This Masturbate-a-Thon will take place Wednesday (HUMP DAY) May 23, 2012 from 8p.m.- 9p.m. MST (Mountain Standard Time).
For everyone on the call to see video, each person needs:

Can you take the challenge? Can you bring more pleasure to the world? If so, get your pledges in TODAY!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am now a distributor of STEEL BONED Custom Made QUALITY Corsets!

Upon My arrival home from International Ms Leather in San Francisco, CA I have truly been inspired!
As E/everyone SHOULD be aware that I have been working hard to launch My new membership site:
I have been getting lots of inquiries and whining as to when My site will launch? WELL I have been waiting to have everything just right (being the Perfectionist and having OCD moments from time to time)
I have decided to expand My business to carry items for sale as well:
worn & new pantyhose
My worn shoes
My worn ANY/ Everything
autographed pictures
autographed DDI Magazines

I decided to add quality custom made Steel Boned Corset to My list. (I have so many CD's, TS, TG, & lots of Women ask My about My corsets I wear). One of My most well attended classes I teach "The History of Tight Lacing, Corsetry & its influence on Women's intimate apparel" has inspired Me I have decided to sell them at a reasonable rate 50% below retail!
These corsets are retailed valued at $190- $300 EACH.
I can order them for you anywhere ranging from $80-$150 (depending on what I have access to in stock)
All corsets are custom order and you should receive them 12- 15 business days.
If anyone is interested please call Me to schedule a consultation via skype so that I can determine the correct size & style for your body type.
Consultation fee is $15 in addition the the cost of the corset. (I also use your Consult Fee of $15 to cover your shipping cost via USPS with insurance)

Payments are expected upon receipt via GreenDot Money Packs, NetSpend Wire Transfers, Amazon payments & as of May 1, 2012 I will be processing credit cards personally, just be sure to have your valid credit card in hand when calling Me.

So all this in addition to members site....
Contributing to My Empire is worth the wait!
Add your contribution TODAY!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

NEWSFLASH! I am VISITING San Fran, CA & ISO video sluts!

I am visiting the Nob Hill area until April 2nd & am ISO video sluts, sissies, piggies, ponies, puppies, toys, etc to play with on film for My upcoming site
be willing to sign model release and must be available at My leisure.
THIS IS A FREE OPPORTUNITY to play with Me & My Friends! Including:
My roommate during International Ms Leather Con: Ms Savannah Sly of Seattle, Washington
Madame Mina Fatale of Hollywood, CA:

This is NOT a session, but play time with the camera rolling!
Learn more about Me?
Simply google Me "Goddess Sadie Hawkins"

Interested? Email Me your contact name, number, current full body pictures, list of limits & interests to:
404-522-2789, No Texts- private/blocked calls EVER entertained!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness 2012

Hello there Cyberland!
For those that have not been keeping up with My comings & goings;
Let this latest blog update serve as your "friendly reminder"
I know how many of you keep track of My travels, sightings, & 411 more than I do at times...
(you know who you are--lol)
Anywho, March has been My busiest month of 2012 yet!

From back home in Phoenix; I have several Community responsiblities:
1. Facilitating a Polyamory Special Interest Group MONTHLY at O/our local Power Exchange(APEX)

2. Organizing a monthly Women's Self Defense class @ Den of Indomitus. If you know of any Women that could/would benefit; have them contact Me ASAP!
These two events have Me committed to being at home monthly.

However I still have a INTENSE travel schedule.
Texas & Oklahoma tour has been quite memorable!
A few highlights & My most notable sessions this tour:

1. johnny boy;
Finally meeting My long time devoted foot slave;
he was ravenously exceptional with My soles & toes for this to be his 1st time indulging in his long time Ebony Foot Fetish:

2. An eager white slut; that has been longing to have Me violate his ass; the pleasure was all Mine:

3. Last but not least My most intense session this tour;
My extended session with My long time sado-maso devotee; chris

I have posted a while back a few "love letters" My devotee, chris has written to Me over the years:

Stay tuned for the intense footage from Our 6 hours of intense cock torture; which will be EXCLUSIVE on My membership site.

With all that being said; If I missed you this visit- TRY HARDER, TRY Following instructions I am quite CLEAR in My requirements.

My CONFIRMED upcoming travel schedule:

March 27 & 28th; Los Angeles, CA
Only TWO sessions available for LA!
I will also be filming with several video slaves & fellow Fem Dom comrades.

March 29 - April 2; San Francisco, CA for International Ms Leather Convention
Limited sessions available! Deposit REQUIRED!

May 16 - 21; Los Angeles, CA for DomConLA.
Limited sessions available! Deposit REQUIRED from clients I have not seen previously.
Those that I have seen in the past and video slaves will get higher priority.

Sept 13 - 17; Tulsa, Oklahoma for Twisted In Tulsa
Limited sessions available! Deposit REQUIRED!

Tentative travel plans contingent on deposits submitted & CONFIRMED:
April 13 - 15, Nashville, TN for Leather Leadership Conference & quality time with slaves.
Spring and/ or Summer 2012; Manhattan, NYC & Boston, MA TBA
July 13 - 16th; Las Vegas, NV for BBW Fan Fest
August 15th - 19th, Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC for Black BEAT Convention
October 2012: for DomCon Atlanta, quality time with close personal friends, family, slaves, pets & to enjoy My hometown during My Birthday month!

I am still partial to My Green Dot Money Reload Packs, HOWEVER I am now processing credit cards DIRECTLY (just need to call Me directly with valid INSTANT credit card in hand. Tribute will be deducted during O/our brief phone conversation. You will receive a confirmation receipt via text or email instantly)

In the meantime in between time; devote 20 minutes & become enthralled with the visual of My Divine Goddess Self via youtube
or My more intimate videos via clips4sale.

On a final public service announcement: Here's a image E/everyone can enjoy...