Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness 2012

Hello there Cyberland!
For those that have not been keeping up with My comings & goings;
Let this latest blog update serve as your "friendly reminder"
I know how many of you keep track of My travels, sightings, & 411 more than I do at times...
(you know who you are--lol)
Anywho, March has been My busiest month of 2012 yet!

From back home in Phoenix; I have several Community responsiblities:
1. Facilitating a Polyamory Special Interest Group MONTHLY at O/our local Power Exchange(APEX)

2. Organizing a monthly Women's Self Defense class @ Den of Indomitus. If you know of any Women that could/would benefit; have them contact Me ASAP!
These two events have Me committed to being at home monthly.

However I still have a INTENSE travel schedule.
Texas & Oklahoma tour has been quite memorable!
A few highlights & My most notable sessions this tour:

1. johnny boy;
Finally meeting My long time devoted foot slave;
he was ravenously exceptional with My soles & toes for this to be his 1st time indulging in his long time Ebony Foot Fetish:

2. An eager white slut; that has been longing to have Me violate his ass; the pleasure was all Mine:

3. Last but not least My most intense session this tour;
My extended session with My long time sado-maso devotee; chris

I have posted a while back a few "love letters" My devotee, chris has written to Me over the years:

Stay tuned for the intense footage from Our 6 hours of intense cock torture; which will be EXCLUSIVE on My membership site.

With all that being said; If I missed you this visit- TRY HARDER, TRY Following instructions I am quite CLEAR in My requirements.

My CONFIRMED upcoming travel schedule:

March 27 & 28th; Los Angeles, CA
Only TWO sessions available for LA!
I will also be filming with several video slaves & fellow Fem Dom comrades.

March 29 - April 2; San Francisco, CA for International Ms Leather Convention
Limited sessions available! Deposit REQUIRED!

May 16 - 21; Los Angeles, CA for DomConLA.
Limited sessions available! Deposit REQUIRED from clients I have not seen previously.
Those that I have seen in the past and video slaves will get higher priority.

Sept 13 - 17; Tulsa, Oklahoma for Twisted In Tulsa
Limited sessions available! Deposit REQUIRED!

Tentative travel plans contingent on deposits submitted & CONFIRMED:
April 13 - 15, Nashville, TN for Leather Leadership Conference & quality time with slaves.
Spring and/ or Summer 2012; Manhattan, NYC & Boston, MA TBA
July 13 - 16th; Las Vegas, NV for BBW Fan Fest
August 15th - 19th, Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC for Black BEAT Convention
October 2012: for DomCon Atlanta, quality time with close personal friends, family, slaves, pets & to enjoy My hometown during My Birthday month!

I am still partial to My Green Dot Money Reload Packs, HOWEVER I am now processing credit cards DIRECTLY (just need to call Me directly with valid INSTANT credit card in hand. Tribute will be deducted during O/our brief phone conversation. You will receive a confirmation receipt via text or email instantly)

In the meantime in between time; devote 20 minutes & become enthralled with the visual of My Divine Goddess Self via youtube
or My more intimate videos via clips4sale.

On a final public service announcement: Here's a image E/everyone can enjoy...


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