Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am now a distributor of STEEL BONED Custom Made QUALITY Corsets!

Upon My arrival home from International Ms Leather in San Francisco, CA I have truly been inspired!
As E/everyone SHOULD be aware that I have been working hard to launch My new membership site:
I have been getting lots of inquiries and whining as to when My site will launch? WELL I have been waiting to have everything just right (being the Perfectionist and having OCD moments from time to time)
I have decided to expand My business to carry items for sale as well:
worn & new pantyhose
My worn shoes
My worn ANY/ Everything
autographed pictures
autographed DDI Magazines

I decided to add quality custom made Steel Boned Corset to My list. (I have so many CD's, TS, TG, & lots of Women ask My about My corsets I wear). One of My most well attended classes I teach "The History of Tight Lacing, Corsetry & its influence on Women's intimate apparel" has inspired Me I have decided to sell them at a reasonable rate 50% below retail!
These corsets are retailed valued at $190- $300 EACH.
I can order them for you anywhere ranging from $80-$150 (depending on what I have access to in stock)
All corsets are custom order and you should receive them 12- 15 business days.
If anyone is interested please call Me to schedule a consultation via skype so that I can determine the correct size & style for your body type.
Consultation fee is $15 in addition the the cost of the corset. (I also use your Consult Fee of $15 to cover your shipping cost via USPS with insurance)

Payments are expected upon receipt via GreenDot Money Packs, NetSpend Wire Transfers, Amazon payments & as of May 1, 2012 I will be processing credit cards personally, just be sure to have your valid credit card in hand when calling Me.

So all this in addition to members site....
Contributing to My Empire is worth the wait!
Add your contribution TODAY!