Sunday, July 22, 2012

Announcing My latest protégée; Ms Honey Brown

A common ritual  in the Leather Lifestyle is "earning your Leather". Often people ask Me what does this mean. It is complex & not easy for Me answer however the best explanation is how I came up in this Community. How I was trained, mentored, & received hands on tactile skills from the best of the best! Earning My Leather was from the bottom up "literally."

Earning Leather happens AFTER certain skills, experiences, & accomplishments between a Dominant & submissive (in this case a Mentor & a Protégée).

Ms Brown approached Me soon after My relocation to Phoenix in early 2011. As time passed I observed Her innate Nubian Female Superiority & Her OBEAH Lifestyle upbringing; We instantly became close friends! I had forgotten about Her initial inquiry....learning My "tricks of the trade" & Her formal introduction into the realm of Female Dominance. With My most sincerest consideration, I agreed to Mentor Her under a few conditions. One of these conditions was that She submit to Me and "earn Her Leather."  Ms Honey consented to this "arrangement" & the rest shall We say is becoming Herstory!

As with all things in this Lifestyle nothing is given, except the submission of another. I believe you earn your Leathers as you earn your rank as a Professionally Skilled Domina.

Ms Honey Brown has committed Herself to learning under My tutelage & I think EVERYONE will be uber excited to become familiar with Ms Honey Brown.
We will be doing a bit of traveling together, offering Pro Domme & switch sessions (Ms Honey will be doing the switching. Everyone knows that is NOT Me), several videos & pictures together. Along with FemDom Lifestyle events in/around the area. 
So if there are any submissive white males out there that are open to being Our guinea pig; Email Me @ "" with:
"Guinea Pig 4 Ms Honey Brown" in the subject line. 
This is going to be worth documenting every step of the way, so stay tuned....

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