Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall 2012 News & Travel Updates

So here we are, approaching the Fall season. My favorite season of the year. It's also My birthday season! I am looking forward to visiting My home; Atlanta, GA. To all My long time devotees, slaves, submissives, & pets GET THOSE DEPOSITS & GIFTS IN NOW.
Once I arrive to Atlanta, My spare time seems to be non-existent!
You know what happened last October when I visited???? My schedule was so super uber busy I ONLY sessioned with those that followed My instruction; got their deposit in & scheduled their time/ day PRIOR to My arrival.

So with that being said; GET THOSE DEPOSITS, GIFTS & TRIBUTES IN SOONER THAN LATER. I am accepting several methods of payment; including Green Dot Money Reload Packs
Obopay.comAmazon Payments & I am also processing credit card payments Myself all you need to do is give Me a call with credit card in hand (you will need to allow 5- 7 business days for the amount to clear IF this is your 1st time having Me DIRECTLY process your deposit). Also note if you need more info regarding these methods, you may click on them directly here in My blog and a separate window should open the link to walk you through it.

For those of you that are not aware, I am a tad bit old fashioned and truly enjoy postal surprises (MONEY--yes I have devotees send CASH via USPS. Just get some damn insurance on it!)and Birthday presents can be sent directly to Me:
Ms. S. Hawkins
P.O. Box 66903
Phoenix, AZ  85082

Here are the links to My wish lists via amazon:
Kinky Medical Supplies:
Library Registry I LOVE BOOKS:
A Foot Fetishist Dream:
General Wish List; a little of everything
Amazon makes it easy; just add it to your shopping card & enter your payment info. It will arrive directly to My door. YES; idiot proof!
Enough of the Financial Money talk: I think I have gotten My point across & given you all the tools, tips & links to get the point.
My travel itinerary for the fall thus far:
  • August 29th - 31st; Louisville, KY
  • September 2nd - September 10th; Pittsburgh, PA
  • September 14 - 17th;  Tucson, AZ
  • Mid October;  Atlanta, GA
  • Mid December; Manhattan, NYC 
  • Mid December; Secaucus, NJ
  • Mid December; Boston, MA
EXACT dates for December travel will be announced Mid November.
Get your Goddess fix sooner than later. I will not be back on the East coast until Spring 2013.