Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Year 4 Me! Birthday Blessings Abound!

October is My life anniversary month, My birth month, The month I blessed the Earth with My human existence. Most of you in cyber land reading this blog probably already know this- BUT in case you do not, NOW YOU KNOW!

Your birthday is suppose to mark the beginning of a new year for yourself.
This is the case with Me. The last month end of My 2012 year (September) proven to be My most challenging month yet.
I lost both My Daddy & Stepfather within a 48 hour period of each other which hit Me pretty hard.
When I got the news that My daddy was on life support I flew to his bedside immediately, which landed Me on the East Coast.
After he made his transition, alot of emotions and memories of "Daddy's Princess" stirred up to the surface.

I was surrounded by family I hadn't seen since I was a little girl, some family I had nevr. Legal matters that now rested on My shoulders & "vanilla" life that now took a front row seat during a time when I usually focus on Myself and My career (DomCon Atlanta 2012 season).
After spending 2 weeks in the country with My kinfolk, siblings I never knew existed, a Hawkins family that had a legacy bigger than I could have ever imagined. I was overwhelmed with emotion!
What this had Me realize is tomorrow is NEVER promised!
Spend time cultivating those relationships that are most important to you.
Once time passes you can NEVER get them back. The past is just that THE PAST.
As I grow another year older & another year wiser.
I notice I grow less tolerant to the BULLSHIT.
Which brings Me back to My mantra for 2012:
I have had to release a few submissives & devotees that have served Me for years.
Why you ask?
BECAUSE they have not stepped up to the plate and shown they do not value My worth.
NO EXCUSES is My motto.
I want to see action!!!
Actions speak, words fall on deaf ears....
Let Me not be too harsh, there are a few that have shown action.
Albeit via tributes, letters, gifts, obedience, & consistency. Your good deeds have not gone unnoticed.
You know who you are!!!
Here are a few photos from those that have proven to Me that they "get it"
 These two pictures are from My long time sado-maso devotee; Chris
The top picture are the needle work he so loved & the bottom picture is the beautiful bloody aftermath once I removed the needles--I JUST LOVE BLOOD!

One of My Atlanta bitch boys (I named him "Sweet Ass") cleaning the cat shit off My tennis shoes after a day of running around-- I stepped in pussy poo somewhere along the path. Sweet ass earned his spot on My blog NOT for his bull shit financial contribution, but for his willingness to entertain Me & submit to the most humiliating tasks-- CLEANING SHIT OFF GODDESS' SHOE.
Next time I guarantee this sweet ass bitch will have his total tribute, or he already knows I will be pimping his sweet ass  out for My profit (oh, yes- I will capture that on video & share it with the entire Internet world if/when it comes to that)

My newest pair of  birthday boots from My Arkansas foot slave

 Hand made cedar paddles a TN spanking enthusiast made for Me. Such a pleasant surprise, OMFG they pack a  nice stingy wallop-- AND THEY SMELL AMAZING! ahhh fresh country cedar!!!
Surprise custom made Cedar paddles  = A Happy Mistress!

There is still time to earn your spot & show Me that "you get it."
Quality NOT Quantity 
Birthday Blessings Abound!

Filled With Gratitude,