Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays! Presents, Gifts & Tributes GALORE!

This holiday season has proven to be one of the more impressionable ones!
A number of devoted submissives, sluts, sissies, pets, & piggies have stepped up this year.
Glad they have gotten My 2012 motto "Quality NOT Quantity"
Here is the video for those that have yet to get My message/motto:

I have been all smiles for the past week receiving knocks at My door from USPS, UPS, FedEx (NOTE TO THOSE OUT THERE, I do not support FedEx! Please send EVERYTHING USPS. I contribute to Our United States Postal Service EVERY WAY & ANYWAY I personally can. Therefore expect you to do the same.)
Here are a few of the boxes/ tributes I have received over the past few weeks. Once the packages slow down a bit, I will do a short video with ALL that I have received  A GODDESS IS TRULY HAPPY, GRATEFUL!!!

So for all the rest out there that have yet to receive a return phone call, return email, or My acknowledgement. Quality NOT quantity. Get your gifts & tributes in OTHERWISE, continued to be IGNORED.....

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