Thursday, October 31, 2013

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks

With My upcoming East Coast Tour I have been telling all you boys the same thing (in so many words)Money Talks, Bullshit Walks!

While on Tour I have the luxury of getting a plethora of responses & understand I am not the Domina for everyone thus certain "s types" may not be the ideal client for Me.
Once I determine O/our interests are compatible I require deposits to solidify your session date/duration / time/ locale.
For those that have a problem with submitting a deposit, answer Me this; How am I suppose to take your inquiry serious if you are not willing to show Me in good faith you aren't willing to spend $20-100 for a deposit & My session tribute varies from $200 - 1,000/hour????
Seriously guys?!?!??

Do you think I am want to run off with your miniscule $50 and tarnish My virtuous 10 year Professional Domina reputation?
Now that is some for real BULLSHIT!!!!

While on tour & visiting certain cities typically for only a few days I will have VERY LIMITED availability and sessions with a deposit ranging from $20-$100 is the ONLY way to guarantee that I will allot exclusive time for you & I to indulge in your fetish and/or fantasy.

How does one submit their deposit to Me? I have a myriad of methods I accept:
  1. I am still partial to My Green Dot Money Reload Packs as My preferred method.
  2. Reloadit (works exactly like Green Dot, however it can be found in some areas more readily than Green Dot & the Reloadit network is a bit larger)
  3. I process credit card payments Myself all you need to do is give Me a call with credit card in hand. Deposit will be deducted immediately during O/our brief phone conversation. You will receive a confirmation receipt via text or email instantly. IT will appear on your statement as "Carib X Consulting Group, LLC."
  4. Amazon Gift Cards & Amazon Payments The email address associated with this method of delivery is ""
  5. Gift Rocket You will use purchase for the recipient (THAT'S ME; Ms. S. Hawkins) & recipient email address "" Please note Gift Rocket takes 3 - 4 business days to clear. I will NOT book your session until your deposit has posted.

So with SIX options there is NO EXCUSE! I think I have gotten My point across & given you all the tools, tips & links to get the point.
In the meantime in between time; devote 20 minutes & become enthralled with the visual of My Divine Goddess Self via youtube(
or My more intimate videos via clips4sale(
Here are the cities & dates I will be visiting (Note ALL cities besides Pittsburgh & NYC are contingent on your deposits. Obedient & devoted subs in both Pittsburgh, PA & NYC have already submitted theirs--now what's your excuse?!???)

6 Nov 2013 until 8 Nov 2013

9 Nov 2013 until 12 Nov 2013

13 Nov 2013 until 14 Nov 2013

14 Nov 2013 until 15 Nov 2013

16 Nov 2013 until 18 Nov 2013

18 Nov 2013 until 19 Nov 2013
Secaucus, NJ and/or Woodbridge, NJ

19 Nov 2013 until 22 Nov 2013

*Dates in GREEN are confirmed. Dates & Cities in RED are contingent on deposits received. Otherwise you can find Me in NYC on those contingent dates.

My philosophy is that if you are not willing to send $20-$100 to secure your session, do you really expect Me to take you serious about giving Me your tribute of $200- $2,000?!? I have been a FULL TIME Professional Dominatrix for 10 years now & My reputation supersedes Me! Do you think I would tarnish that for your miniscule deposit?!
The 1st step to understanding consensual Domination & submission / Power Exchange is TRUST!
Please do your research PRIOR to seeing ANY Professional in this business!

One final public service announcement: Here's a few visual aids to get My message across MORE THAN I ALREADY HAVE...

Monday, October 14, 2013

My East Coast tour & taking a bite of the BIG APPLE...

So it's been confirmed; My East Coast 2013 tour! November 6th - 20th
Thanks to a special devotee who wishes to remain anonymous My airfare into LaGuardia (LGA) is now BOOKED! So E/everyone knows what that means...


It has been 3 years too long since My last visit to Manhattan, so needless to say I am more than excited!
This trip is oh sooooo long overdue! I will be spending 2 weeks on the East Coast. 
Including Pro Domme tour to:
*Secaucus, NJ
*Pittsburgh, PA
*Boston, MA 
*Washington, DC

Thanks to My wonderful & amazingly skilled Amazon Goddess Friend Mistress Athenais ( who has once again graciously offered to host Me. Domina Athenais has been more than I could have ever asked for in a Mentor, FemDom Sister, Colleague & Beloved Friend. 

She has shared with Me countless ways in the Art of Female Dominance New York style! Therefore Duo sessions are the quintessential situation.

Supplicants should contact Me at My email address;
Make sure to include the following:

  • Name
  • Contact information, along with the best time / day to reach you
  • Your city locale
  • Brief list of your session interests
  • Your experience level and / or any verifiable references from another Professional Dominant. (Be prepared to give Me references! I will check them. Meaning I will contact those that you have claimed know you or you have served. Believe it or not the world of Professional Dominance is smaller than you think & I know more people nationwide than you think I do....)
* Please note that you may be required to pay a small deposit to secure your appointment for any of the cities I listed outside of the Manhattan, NYC area. All deposits are applied to your session tribute.

I will be available for Professional Domination & Fetish sessions ONLY. However I am interested in any collaboration with FemDom Colleagues, paid video shoots, photography opportunities & various other projects that may be advantageous.

All others desiring My presence, time, energy, etc know that tribute, gifts, & offerings are expected THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.

I LOVE NEW YORK CITY & NYC always loves when I come and visit for a spell.....
Is E/everyone ready for Me afoot all over the East Coast?!??

Thursday, August 29, 2013

YES! I am Visiting San Diego, CA 9/3 - 9/7

I will be returning to the San Diego, CA area from Tuesday, September 3rd - Saturday September 7th. 

Several of My fetish favorites can be found on My site: 

Expect an exuberant amount of deviant escapades with Me! 

*a few things on the menu: bondage, corporal punishment, domestic discipline, objectification, sensory deprivation & overload, trampling, foot fetish, toilet training, Goddess worship (from feet to farts, spittle to smoke & beyond)

I am open to infinite possibilities: 
Pro Domme Sessions
Shopping Sprees
A visit to the local Nudist Beach FemDom Style
Public Humiliation 
Photo Shoots & Snapshot Fun 
Building new relationships 
Revitalizing old ones! 

Please note that due to My demanding schedule and prior Lifestyle commitments, I am available for sessions 
& public outings by Appointment ONLY! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goddess Gathering / BBQ / Fire Play Party / Fundraiser

Alot of people have been curious as to what I have been up to lately that has Me so out of pocket?
I have been most zealous about Goddess University. FINALLY a think tank for individuals that think like Me! I will be in Los Angeles, CA area this week for 5 days focusing on Our latest fundraiser. I will have time for a few sessions with a deposit to secure your appointment of course!

On Friday, July 5th come join us for an afternoon BBQ with other women who awakening to a new feminine consciousness.  We call it the Goddess Consciousness and we will honor it with a Goddess Gathering, BBQ and Fem Dom Play Party.
Goddess Gathering is an afternoon experience of:
** Chakra Alignments
** Reiki Sessions
** Intuitive and Tarot Readings
** Organic, healthy food BBQ with vegan and NonGMO offerings.  
Feel free to bring any left overs though from your 4th parties.
** Join us for the Temple, Water and Money Blessing at Sunset.  You are invited to bring a small offering for the evening altar.
** Our theme is Fire play.  We have fire play demonstrations and opportunities to learn and experience for yourself.  Fire Play Demos starts at 8:00 pm. Meet other Fem Doms, socialize in a beautiful enclosed garden area next to our playspace for the night.
** Off Site Babysitting provided for a nominal Babysitter fee from our own Red Cross Certified Babysitter.
This is a pansexual event and all are welcome
**Indoor dungeon play is reserved only those who identify as Female Dominant and their partners indoors only. This fundraiser will be held at the Female owned & operated Dungeon: Submission LA.
This event will be a fundraiser for Goddess University, a think tank for the Goddess consciousness. Goddess University is a free online education portal via You Tube.  We've gathered the Crones, Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows Adults from around the world to share what they've learned. Our topics range from Akashic Records to Zero Point in our Conversations in Circle format. We launch Fall, 2013 with a series of interviews and discussion topics you won't hear in the mainstream. Our goal is to share globally and act locally with a focus on health and nutrition.
Goddess University will be structured as a Not-For-Profit organization and will be a tax deductible entity. Our mission is share globally and act locally with activism in our own communities.
Come learn and share fun, healthy food, good cause, learn something, meet cool women and heat up some men.
Donation is $20 per person.
You can find the RSVP for this event via the following links:
Or simply RSVP at:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm hosting this month's Club FEM AZ party!

Yes, that's right!
I am hosting this month's Club FEM AZ play party at My humble abode.
Unfortunately this party is NOT open to the public. All in attendance must already be Club FEM members or must be accompanied by a Club FEM member.
Click HERE for a bit of background infomation about Club FEM

I personally have been affiliated with various Chapters of Club FEM for over 9 years (Club FEM Chapters in Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, DC, Los Angeles & now an Executive Mistress of Our Phoenix Chapter). I am quite zealous about My 1st opportunity to host a Club FEM party!
While preparing I have had several boys working hard at preparing My space.
Thought I would share a few pics for those that  are always living vicariously through the select few that have the pleasure of serving Me.
Also note this is the 1st of MANY events I will be hosting--STAY TUNED...
For those that wish to be considered for future events email Me at :
So for now Enjoy & Relish....

My favorite Sado-Maso Engineer from Industrial Disease Toys
doing some installation for Me
My slave; d working hard getting the grill & the back patio in order for the party
boy scrubbing the play room floors
(on his hands and knees as he should be)
Kicking My feet up, having a beer & a bit of fun with
My protégé / baby Domme Ms Honey Brown
while the boys are had at work

Friday, May 31, 2013

DomCon LA 2013

Soooo much action & debauchery was had at DomCon LA 2013! Let's just say I can show you better than I can tell you! 
Let the pictures speak for themselves! 
I captured ALOT of video content too this convention! Over 20 video clips! All to be exclusively available on My upcoming membership site: Caribbean Dominatrix
Yes, it IS worth the wait! The wait is ALMOST over! My site will be launching this summer! 
So for now, enjoy these memorable photos of a 5 days sneek peek into My realm and the amaazing Ladies I associate with over the 10 years of My Professional career & from all over the world!

Left to Right starting at the top row: 
Mistress Nicolette, Serene Sin, Julie Simone
middle row: Goddess Cheyenne, Miss Jenny, Mistress Veronique, Mistress Jordan,
Goddess Sativa, Goddess Alexia Jordon & Myself
bottom row, Mistress Ellen, Maitresse Renee, Goddess Phoenix, 
Mistress Cyan & Mistress Precious

Myself & Orpheus Black 
Myself & Mistrix Ms E

Mistress Melissa & I were both panelist on the Mommy Panel
Myself & Bossy Delilah of NYC

Left to Right; Bossy Delilah, Myself, 
Serene Sin, Madame Koko Barbee
Myself & the Ladies of Wicked Eden in Ohio

Myself, Domme Jaguar & Serene Sin

Myself & Goddess Cheyenne of Atlanta

Left to Right; Mz Excellente of Houston, Goddess Phoenix of Atlanta & Goddess Alexia Jordon of Denver

Myself & Bossy Delilah with My clown "Trampy"

Myself & the lovely Mistress Shae Flanigan of  CA

Myself & Mina de Sade of Los Angeles, CA

Myself & the infamous hoodman
Myself & Mistress Absolute of London
Myself & Ms Savannah Sly of Seattle, WA

Myself & Syr Hammer

Goddess Alexia Jordon of Denver,  Insatiable Amazon of Atlanta & Myself after the Mistress tea
Myself & Princess Kali founder of Kink Academy
Myself & Domina Snow; Head Mistress of Wicked Eden in Ohio

Another one with Myself & Mistress Shae during 
Mistress Cyan's VIP social

Paying a visit to Mistress Lexine's Irongate Studio SFV 

Myself & the infamous Mistress Cyan; founder of DomCon 
(amoung other things!)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mommy/boy panel @ DomCon LA

I have been asked to be a panelist for this years Mommy Panel!
Come out & become a bit enlightened to the D/s taboo dynamic of Mommy/boy & Age Play panel during DomCon LA this year.
Complete with a sweet bake sale. So good only Mommy knows how to make them taste so yummy!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's that time again DomCon LA 2013, a 10 year anniversary!

Well, it's that time--DomCon LA 2013!
This year is near & dear to My heart as it not only symbolizes the 10th year of the convention, but it reminds Me that I have been a Professional Domina for 10 years (August 2003 was My 1st paid Pro Domme session).
So that leaves Me a bit sentimental for this years convention.
With such a personal momentous occasion, I will be offering the following:
1. discounted sessions for ANY / ALL sessions solidified with a $50 deposit (I accept credit card payments directly via My professional business credit card processing, & greendot money reload packs. EITHER method, you MUST call Me directly to solidify.)
2. FREE playtime for any subs or slaves willing to be on film 2257 Compliant of course!

*********** the fine print *********

1.  If you are wanting to book a session, schedule a casual outing, etc. 
Make your presence known and contact Me directly via phone 
Block/ private calls and texts messages ALWAYS go ignored!
TOO shy to call??? Submit the following via My email: "": 
a. contact info (name, phone number, & the best time to reach you) 
b. your most flattering picture of yourself 

d. desired time/day of session along with a brief list of your session interests and limits

2. You must be in the Los Angeles, CA area
(OR My home area Phoenix, AZ. I travel extensively so this is your time to get My time & attention)
AND you MUST be willing to sign a model release form and be comfortable with being filmed
(masks, hoods & waist down video and photographs are permissible)
ALSO understand this is NOT a session!
This is Lifestyle FemDom PLAYTIME with a camera recording!!!

***Please note that I have the luxury of receiving several responses, put your best foot forward! You NEVER get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. I am a niche/specialty Domina so understand I will not be for everyone & everyone will not be for Me.***

Since I am feeling so generous, enjoy a few pictures from previous DomCon Conventions:
Us Dominas and those that served Us during the Mistress Tea during Dom Con ATL 2010

Lots of Us Pro Dommes during the DDI photo!
Including Alice of Bondageland, Goddess Alexia Jordon, Goddess Sativa, Myself, Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Mistress Absolute, Mistress Precious, Domina Irene Boss, Domina Snow,  German Mistress Dieve

Myself, Goddess Destroi, Domme Jaguar & Goddess Destroi's boy

Goddess Destroi, Domina Irene Boss, Myself, & Goddess Alexia Jordon during the DDI photo DomCon LA 2012

Myself, Mistress Serene & slave -8 in My hotel room  before My Trample Temple  late night party

Myself,  Mistress Cyan (founder/owner of DomCon) &  Lady D'Sherrie

Mz Xcellente, Goddess Maxxyne Payne, Andriana Santos, Myself & Maitresse Renee

Myself & Lady D'Sherrie 
Goddess Alexia Jordon, Myself, Andriana Santos, & Goddess Maxxyne Payne

Myself, Domina Angelina, & Mistress Shae Flanigan

Myself and this amazing bed I had to share! LOL

Mistress Nicolette, Lucille Ballbuster, Myself & Goddess Alexia Jordon at checkout  Monday afternoon. After a LONG yet amazing weekend! Relish this "vanilla" pic boys!

Myself & Madame Mina De Sade Fatale @ the Fetish Ball
(so dark because We were in the Dungeon lurking in a dark corner--LOL)
Myself, Goddess Phoenix, & Mistress Shakti

Myself & Goddess Max

Myself & Mistrix Ms E after hours during Dom Con ATL 2012

Mz Xcellente, Dominique Danger & Myself at an off site party during DomCon ATL 2012

Mistrix Ms E, Myself, Goddess Max & Regina Twist during
 Dom Con ATL 2012 Meet & Greet
As you can seee LOTS OF PRO DOMMES AND LOADS OF FUN AT DOM CON! Be there or be square & be sure to come say hi to Me!

Wacks, Smacks & Spittle, 
Goddess Sadie Hawkins