Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some boys...

Some boys, subs, slaves, pets of Mine catch on quick!
Learn what pleases Me, what irritates Me & how to get in My good graces. Then others seems as if they will never learn.
Then again, I do not think that is it all. I think My "s-types" (a new term I have recently started using to lump all "submissive" types to one label "s-types."  So when I refer to "s-types" I am talking about slaves, submissives, sissies, sluts, pets, piggies, ponies, puppies, etc. ANY person that submits to Me.)
Anywho, as I were saying, the "s-types" in My life that I think they will never learn--I retract that.
I think they do learn & learn rather quickly. They just choose to act as if they have not remembered, forgotten, or simply are totally disobeying Me to receive attention and/or punishment.
As I have told two of My "s-types" recently, this is the quickest way to TOTALLY IRRITATE Me!
Which punishment will be in order & it will not be pleasant or what you "s-type" had in mind.
It will be severe.
It will be intense.
It will leave a lasting, most memorable impression in more ways than one....

Now that I have gotten that off My chest.  I will share a recent written letter of apology I recently received from My foot slave.
Let this letter serve as a bit of enlightenment for the rest of you "s-types" to learn from & not get yourself in the same predicament this boy has gotten himself into:

Dear Goddess Sadie,

I apologize for my incredibly stupid text message.  I have a dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and once again it has gotten me into big trouble.  Practical jokes have no room in a Domme/submissive relationship.  You are coming to this area of the country to have a personal session with me, and you deserve much more appreciation than I have provided you the past few weeks.  You shouldn't have to deal with any backtalk or sarcastic humor from a slave boy such as myself.  I sent that text without thinking, and now, I don't blame you at all for giving me such punishment for sending that stupid text.  I am so lucky that I ever came into contact with you, and am so thankful that I am still able to contact you at all.

In addition to the above, tonight was also a personal lesson of the dangers of involving alcohol in Domme/submissive relationships.  Alcohol causes me to say things without thinking, and I sent you an unbelievably stupid message without thinking about the consequences.  You deserve so much better than some tipsy/drunk dialog or text from someone like me.  
I am so sorry, and will either send you e-mails, tweets, or niteflirt calls to contact you over the next three weeks.  I will refrain from calling your direct line for the next three weeks.

I also deserve more painful torture than you had planned as a result of this stupidity.  

Please forgive me,
Johnny Boy