Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm hosting this month's Club FEM AZ party!

Yes, that's right!
I am hosting this month's Club FEM AZ play party at My humble abode.
Unfortunately this party is NOT open to the public. All in attendance must already be Club FEM members or must be accompanied by a Club FEM member.
Click HERE for a bit of background infomation about Club FEM

I personally have been affiliated with various Chapters of Club FEM for over 9 years (Club FEM Chapters in Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, DC, Los Angeles & now an Executive Mistress of Our Phoenix Chapter). I am quite zealous about My 1st opportunity to host a Club FEM party!
While preparing I have had several boys working hard at preparing My space.
Thought I would share a few pics for those that  are always living vicariously through the select few that have the pleasure of serving Me.
Also note this is the 1st of MANY events I will be hosting--STAY TUNED...
For those that wish to be considered for future events email Me at :
So for now Enjoy & Relish....

My favorite Sado-Maso Engineer from Industrial Disease Toys
doing some installation for Me
My slave; d working hard getting the grill & the back patio in order for the party
boy scrubbing the play room floors
(on his hands and knees as he should be)
Kicking My feet up, having a beer & a bit of fun with
My protégé / baby Domme Ms Honey Brown
while the boys are had at work