Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goddess Gathering / BBQ / Fire Play Party / Fundraiser

Alot of people have been curious as to what I have been up to lately that has Me so out of pocket?
I have been most zealous about Goddess University. FINALLY a think tank for individuals that think like Me! I will be in Los Angeles, CA area this week for 5 days focusing on Our latest fundraiser. I will have time for a few sessions with a deposit to secure your appointment of course!

On Friday, July 5th come join us for an afternoon BBQ with other women who awakening to a new feminine consciousness.  We call it the Goddess Consciousness and we will honor it with a Goddess Gathering, BBQ and Fem Dom Play Party.
Goddess Gathering is an afternoon experience of:
** Chakra Alignments
** Reiki Sessions
** Intuitive and Tarot Readings
** Organic, healthy food BBQ with vegan and NonGMO offerings.  
Feel free to bring any left overs though from your 4th parties.
** Join us for the Temple, Water and Money Blessing at Sunset.  You are invited to bring a small offering for the evening altar.
** Our theme is Fire play.  We have fire play demonstrations and opportunities to learn and experience for yourself.  Fire Play Demos starts at 8:00 pm. Meet other Fem Doms, socialize in a beautiful enclosed garden area next to our playspace for the night.
** Off Site Babysitting provided for a nominal Babysitter fee from our own Red Cross Certified Babysitter.
This is a pansexual event and all are welcome
**Indoor dungeon play is reserved only those who identify as Female Dominant and their partners indoors only. This fundraiser will be held at the Female owned & operated Dungeon: Submission LA.
This event will be a fundraiser for Goddess University, a think tank for the Goddess consciousness. Goddess University is a free online education portal via You Tube.  We've gathered the Crones, Indigos, Crystals and Rainbows Adults from around the world to share what they've learned. Our topics range from Akashic Records to Zero Point in our Conversations in Circle format. We launch Fall, 2013 with a series of interviews and discussion topics you won't hear in the mainstream. Our goal is to share globally and act locally with a focus on health and nutrition.
Goddess University will be structured as a Not-For-Profit organization and will be a tax deductible entity. Our mission is share globally and act locally with activism in our own communities.
Come learn and share fun, healthy food, good cause, learn something, meet cool women and heat up some men.
Donation is $20 per person.
You can find the RSVP for this event via the following links:
Or simply RSVP at: TheGoddessUniversity@gmail.com