Thursday, October 31, 2013

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks

With My upcoming East Coast Tour I have been telling all you boys the same thing (in so many words)Money Talks, Bullshit Walks!

While on Tour I have the luxury of getting a plethora of responses & understand I am not the Domina for everyone thus certain "s types" may not be the ideal client for Me.
Once I determine O/our interests are compatible I require deposits to solidify your session date/duration / time/ locale.
For those that have a problem with submitting a deposit, answer Me this; How am I suppose to take your inquiry serious if you are not willing to show Me in good faith you aren't willing to spend $20-100 for a deposit & My session tribute varies from $200 - 1,000/hour????
Seriously guys?!?!??

Do you think I am want to run off with your miniscule $50 and tarnish My virtuous 10 year Professional Domina reputation?
Now that is some for real BULLSHIT!!!!

While on tour & visiting certain cities typically for only a few days I will have VERY LIMITED availability and sessions with a deposit ranging from $20-$100 is the ONLY way to guarantee that I will allot exclusive time for you & I to indulge in your fetish and/or fantasy.

How does one submit their deposit to Me? I have a myriad of methods I accept:
  1. I am still partial to My Green Dot Money Reload Packs as My preferred method.
  2. Reloadit (works exactly like Green Dot, however it can be found in some areas more readily than Green Dot & the Reloadit network is a bit larger)
  3. I process credit card payments Myself all you need to do is give Me a call with credit card in hand. Deposit will be deducted immediately during O/our brief phone conversation. You will receive a confirmation receipt via text or email instantly. IT will appear on your statement as "Carib X Consulting Group, LLC."
  4. Amazon Gift Cards & Amazon Payments The email address associated with this method of delivery is ""
  5. Gift Rocket You will use purchase for the recipient (THAT'S ME; Ms. S. Hawkins) & recipient email address "" Please note Gift Rocket takes 3 - 4 business days to clear. I will NOT book your session until your deposit has posted.

So with SIX options there is NO EXCUSE! I think I have gotten My point across & given you all the tools, tips & links to get the point.
In the meantime in between time; devote 20 minutes & become enthralled with the visual of My Divine Goddess Self via youtube(
or My more intimate videos via clips4sale(
Here are the cities & dates I will be visiting (Note ALL cities besides Pittsburgh & NYC are contingent on your deposits. Obedient & devoted subs in both Pittsburgh, PA & NYC have already submitted theirs--now what's your excuse?!???)

6 Nov 2013 until 8 Nov 2013

9 Nov 2013 until 12 Nov 2013

13 Nov 2013 until 14 Nov 2013

14 Nov 2013 until 15 Nov 2013

16 Nov 2013 until 18 Nov 2013

18 Nov 2013 until 19 Nov 2013
Secaucus, NJ and/or Woodbridge, NJ

19 Nov 2013 until 22 Nov 2013

*Dates in GREEN are confirmed. Dates & Cities in RED are contingent on deposits received. Otherwise you can find Me in NYC on those contingent dates.

My philosophy is that if you are not willing to send $20-$100 to secure your session, do you really expect Me to take you serious about giving Me your tribute of $200- $2,000?!? I have been a FULL TIME Professional Dominatrix for 10 years now & My reputation supersedes Me! Do you think I would tarnish that for your miniscule deposit?!
The 1st step to understanding consensual Domination & submission / Power Exchange is TRUST!
Please do your research PRIOR to seeing ANY Professional in this business!

One final public service announcement: Here's a few visual aids to get My message across MORE THAN I ALREADY HAVE...

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