Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 coming to a close!

So we are in the last weeks of 2014 and where has all the time gone?
2014 has been one of My most hectic yet productive & prosperous years to date!  Besides the normal debauchery with My Professional Domination career, I have acquired two new slaves to My ever growing stable.
(Will post a few juicy pics at the end of this blog) In addition to My slave girls, I have opened up My own playspace, My own Dungeon (not really a Dungeon as a Dungeon has the stereotype of being dark and evil. My "Dungeon" is bright, sterile, yet a bit seductive / sexy) which I affectionally refer to as My own Secret Shangri-La.
I had My own playspace when I resided in Atlanta, however it was a live in / workspace combination.
My Secret Shangri-La is a dedicated play space! Dedicated not only to My own shenanigans but as a resource for the local FemDom Community.
I host several various events ranging from monthly CFNM parties, to Sissy Slut Festivities,  to Gender Non-Conforming Clothing Swap Meets, Snuggle Parties, Porn & Popcorn night, hands on Peer to Peer tactile training workshops, video shoots, webcam sessions, slave training, One on One Lifestyle consultations, to Sunday Goddess Devotional Spiritual Services & SOOO MUCH MORE! 
Keep up with ALL I have going on at My Secret Shangri-La at; http://secretshangrila.wordpress.com/
Get in on all the action NOW, make your presence known My sending Me a direct email for more information at; "Secret.ShangrilaPhoenix@gmail.com" 
Thought I would share a corner peek into My SecretShangriLa. A FemDom Dungeon Playspace that focuses on FLR lifestyle & kink in Phoenix, AZ. This SW corner of My Shangri-La showcases heirloom vintage artwork as well as original Ebony FemDom Giantess artwork pieces by Max the Illustrator.  
Thought I would share a corner peek into My SecretShangriLa. A FemDom Dungeon Playspace that focuses on FLR lifestyle & kink in Phoenix, AZ. 

A few of the canes available at My Secret Shangri-La
My Secret ShangriLa is rooted in Sacred ritual with My altar & Ancestors at the front door. Spirituality, Obeah, Marcus Garvey, and My Papa protectors of the space. Back to My Caribbean roots. Anyone offended need not visit.
A daytime panoramic view of the main loft space at My Secret Shangri-La
My slave awaiting My touch. Slaves craves My whip, My hand, My bite, My sting, My sadism,
My Love

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crazy summer 2014, Finally Fall 2014

Ahhh, it is finally the Autumn season and I have a myriad of things in the works that I am uber excited about.
ALL which I will keep a bit private for now due to the increasing number of haters, confused admirers & stalker fans I have had to deal with these last few months.
But what I will share is a bit of a pictorial of what My summer has been like.
Insane! IN A GOOD WAY! Don't you wish you were so lucky to be a fly in My realm?!?
Show Me you are worthy! Heck, October is My birthday Earth Anniversary month so get on top of it by gifting Me with lots of gifts, presents & tokens of devotion: http://amzn.com/w/1C2468WL187AY

Having a bit of fun during My summer in Kentucky.
On the menu that evening: race play, OBEAH,  humiliation, sensory deprivation, forced intox, & forced feminization 
Checking in on one of the slaves during in cage confinement time while attending the FemDom Sunday party in Cincinnati, OH hosted by Myself & Domina Devlynn De Sade. 
Marking one of My most devoted slaves with My initial on O/our 3rd year anniversary as Mistress/slave. This slave wears My "S" as a brand and as a tattoo to show his honor & devotion to Me.

A bit of public whipping, bondage & sensual Ebony Domination during a Fetish Event here in AZ early summer 2014.
My newest addition to My stable of slaves presenting Domina Angelina's maintenance canes.
Some human furniture & objectification with My Den of Indomitus (DOIAZ.com) Family during the 10th Anniversary of  Horns & Halo's Fetish HEAT event here in Phoenix, AZ.

I could go and on with pictures from this summer BUT I won't! This is enough for you greedy bitches out there. Trust Me I have more, but I am saving them for the launch of My long awaited members site; CaribbeanDominatrix.com. KEEP WAITING BITCHES, it's coming before the end of 2014!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Special Guest @ The Dock in Cincinnati, OH 4 "Sadie Hawkins Summer Hunt"

While touring the East Coast this summer, I have been invited by close colleague and fellow FemDom Domina Devlynn De Sade to spend a few days in Cincinnati, OH.
Domina Devlynn & I met at Dom Con Atlanta several years ago & last month had the pleasure of getting reacquainted during Dom Con Los Angeles.
She is definitely a Lady after My own heart, a Female Supremacist, a Sadist, a Strikingly Beautiful Domina with gorgeous blonde locs, and just as wicked as I am!
Domina Devlynn hosts a Fetish / BDSM event the last Thursday of each month in Cincinnati, OH at The Dock called Darkotica.  This months theme is in My honor & is the "Sadie Hawkins Summer Hunt."  Hunting "s types" like prey is something I am honestly looking forward to!

I will be in Cincy, OH from Thursday June 26, 2014 - Tuesday July 1, 2014.  I am in town for Professional Domination sessions & prefer Double Domination sessions while in town.
As ALWAYS those ISO in serving Me one on one should note I require an appointment & a modest deposit to solidify your session.  Your deposit is deducted from your total tribute, ALL the specifics you need to know can be found via My site: http://sensuoussovereignties.com/deposits

Also Monday afternoon, Domina Devlynn & I will be hosting a private FemDom Fetish Party.  There will be a $50 donation tribute to cover the cost of hors d'oeuvres, beverages, and after party cleaning fees. Anyone interested in attending should contact Me DIRECTLY; Goddess.SadieHawkins@gmail.com

Get ready Cincinnati, Ohio! I am about to get in you like never before!!! So get ready....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All In A Day's (Sex) Work - Coming Summer 2014!

I am soooo elated, excited & honored to be included in this Book & Video Documentary!  My life as a #SexWorker isn’t oh soooo #Taboo #disgusting #horrible #NSFW.... "insert defamatory and / derogatory, disrespectful, & hateful LABELS" here?!?!!
I have embarked in damn near all / various types of "Sex Work" for the majority of My adult / over 18 life.
I love My career! Yes, I work My ass off! Ex. 16 hour days, hours of admin / computer work & a shit ton more CEO duties I won't rant on about.
After shooting with Ms Savannah Sly on this project & the "interview" portion of this project, I felt really empowered & self affirmed & was warm & fuzzy to be apart of such an AWESOME & amazing project!
Pre-Order your copy of the book TODAY!
BTW, (while U are ordering your own copy, I would love a few copies of My own sent to My P.O.Box)  
#RealTalk #JustSayin #Gifts #Tributes #Offering
Ms. S. Hawkins
P O Box 66903
Phoenix, AZ 85082

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DomCon LA 2014 Late Night Party Info & More...

During DomCon LA 2012 I will be hosting FemDom themed Late Night Party in My private room Friday May 16th at/around midnight (Friday late night, technically midnight makes it Saturday morning) & again Sunday May 18th (technically Monday morning) AFTER the "After Show Party."

On the agenda this year:

  • Of course My annual FemDom Strap on Gang Bang, 
  • Golden Shower / Piss off FemDom contest (boys bring your towels for this one!)
  • along with Foot Fetish Festivities & Foot Worship (all these FemDoms are going to need some serious foot worship after 12+hours standing & walking in heels daily during DomCon)

This is NOT just a party. 
This is a filming / TFC (trade-for-content) event with Myself & numerous other Pro FemDoms from around the globe will be in attendance!
Model Release (2257 Complainant) forms MUST be submitted for ALL those in attendance.  
Meaning NO non-participating voyeurs! 
If you are in My room a model release form & a digital copy of your legal identification must be on file! NO EXCEPTIONS! 

What that looks like is candid FemDom & Pro Domme moments captured on film. What the Art of Female Domination looks like AFTER the cameras are off is what everyone wants to see, right?!????

For more info email Me directly at "Goddess.SadieHawkins@gmail.com"  
Include in the subject line "DomCon LA TFC Party"

Here are a few pictures from My Late Night Private Parties from previous years. You know you want to come.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goddess Sadie & Empress Angelique 2 tour together 4/15 - 5/18

Two Ebony FemDoms are much more intense than one!

Goddess Sadie Hawkins & Empress Angelique Blaque will be touring the West Coast including, but NOT limited to:

San Fran, Oakland & the Bay Area, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Victorville, CA
Orange County, CA
San Diego, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV

We will be available for select real time sessions (deposit REQUIRED), cam & phone sessions, photo & video shoots, among other things....

Here is the FINE PRINT:
1. Must be local to the area We are visiting. (Video victims in the Phoenix, AZ get top priority.)
2. Must be willing to sign a model release form and enjoy being filmed.
(If you must wear a mask, hood or can not have your face visible WE ARE NOT INTERESTED)
3. Understand filming is NOT a session!
This is PLAYTIME with a camera recording!!!

For more details, or to be considered submit the following via My email:
1. Contact info (name, phone number, & the best time to reach you)
2. Your most flattering yet recent picture of yourself (1 face pic & one full body pic)
3. A brief list of your interests, limits, & prior experience

***Please note that I have the luxury of receiving several responses, put your best foot forward. You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. I am a niche/specialty Domina so understand I will not be for everyone & everyone will not be for Me.***

Supplicants should contact Us at:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I am hosting a CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) Party!

I have decided to start doing more FemDom Lifestyle themed events in 2014.  As many of you out there know that not only am I a Professional Domina; I am a Lifestyle Player & I LIVE OUT LOUD!  Therefore I find it only appropriate to offer an environment where those curious about FemDom & this Lifestyle can experience it first hand. Therefore I have decided to do more events to make that a reality!
The 1st one being a CFNM event @ My private fetish/ kink/ BDSM/ friendly residence. 

At this party the males are naked and the Females are clothed for the entire party. The males are there to serve and entertain the Females. The Females are in charge of the party. They can have the males do whatever makes them happy. The Females can have the males, serve them food and/or drinks, dance for the Ladies, give them foot, shoulder or body massages (massage table & lotions will be available), play games and whatever comes to the female mind. This party the Females will be in charge. The males are not allowed to touch or initiate interaction with the Females without permission or the Females can just sit back a watch all the naked males as they serve them.  Ladies are encouraged to wear whatever they feel comfortable / sexy in. Anything from jeans- lingerie- to fetish wear. Ladies MUST be clothed! Men will be NUDE; no exceptions! As this is the theme for this event--duh!

The cost of the party = Females $5.00 & Men $20.00 in advance.
At the door $8.00 Females and $25.00 for Men

Rules for this party:1. All the males at the party must be naked no exceptions.

2. We are all adults at the party , and if someone says no, it means no. It should be respected. We all have different limits. All in attendance will respect the limitations & comfort level of everyone in attendance. Limits will be respected, and you do not have to engage in any activities you do not want to, but you must be OK with wild things happening all around you.

3. BYOB; This is a potluck, so please bring prepared finger food & dishes that are easy to serve.

4. Alcohol is allowed, however please drink responsibly.

5. This party is in a BDSM/ Fetish/ Kink Friendly private residence, off street parking is available. Fetish play, S/m play is allowed, however all scenes must be negotiated between all consenting parties prior to playing.

6. NO photos or recording allowed unless a adult model release is signed (model releases will be available for those interested in picture or video taking).

7.  NO illegal services offered, implied, or allowed.  ANY solicitations for sexual services will not be tolerated.  Waivers must be signed prior to admittance.

For more infomation visit My meetup
event: http://www.meetup.com/Female-Led-Relationships-AZ/events/164964502/
or the facebook event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/231084880412568/
otherwise, contact Me directly: "Goddess.SadieHawkins@gmail.com; or BBM pin = 23332A90"

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 2014! January off to a great start!

I know, I know! It's been a while since I blogged.....
I am sure you can guess why?!? My life has been way too busy (like it ever slows down).
So to get everyone up to speed; I had one of the most memorable tours to the east coast last November!
I didn't make it to ALL the cities I wanted to so I went to those certain cities that I was appreciated the most; Manhattan, NYC, Washington, DC & Pittsburgh, PA.
What this tour did make Me realize is that I do alot of damn United States traveling.
I have visited probably at least 30 states offering Professional Domination. Which some cities I love more than others, but what I really am going to focus on in 2014 is INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.
I have My sights on Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, & South America. NOT ALL in 2014, but like I always say-- those that step forward & make their presence known is where I will consider visiting.
What that also means is that I will be cutting back tremendously on U.S. travels this year to focus on the international travel itch I have.
My requirements will vary a bit regarding foreign travel, so for anyone that is interested in serving or submitting to Me; email Me at "Goddess.SadieHawkins@gmail.com" with "FOREIGN TRAVEL" in the subject line.

I am proud to announce that My membership site WILL BE launching in the upcoming months.
I have a tendency to be procrastinator & an extreme perfectionist that I have been going back & forth with My webmaster for close over a year and half now. Along with finding a competent video editor, but alas I think I may have one or two that have been leaving Me quite impressed with their work.  STAY TUNED! In the meantime visit My clips store: http://clips4sale.com/19696
I will be worth the long wait. Remember what I always say; Patience is a virtue! Good things are worth waiting for....


I should also add that My involvement with Club FEM (Females Enslaving males) Arizona Chapter has increased immensely. I have a strong commitment to make the presence of Female Dominants, Alpha Fems & its dynamic more prevalent and visible here in Arizona. Arizona has a strong & quite active BDSM/ Fetish Community. However when I relocated here in 2011; its presence seemed non existent. Not the case so much these days. Club FEM Arizona has been growing by leaps and bounds monthly!
Please take a moment to check out the website I recently designed for O/our chapter. W/we have monthly Fem Dom meetup discussion groups held at APEX (Arizona Power Exchange), munches twice a month, a coffee meetup, & a party EVERY MONTH. I am proud to serve as an Executive Mistress for O/our chapter.

Another major event that is going on in My realm this month is Southwest Leather Conference.  I serve My BDSM Community by having everyone in My household give back by volunteering their time and talents to the Conference. This year not only am I volunteering; I have SIX house guests from out of town that I am hosting @ My humble abode. Along with hosting the hospitality suite @ the Conference on Saturday with Club FEM AZ & again on Sunday with Goddess University. 
So with all that being said, if you are reading this and looking to gain a few moments of My undivided attention, make your presence known. FYI, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.....