Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 2014! January off to a great start!

I know, I know! It's been a while since I blogged.....
I am sure you can guess why?!? My life has been way too busy (like it ever slows down).
So to get everyone up to speed; I had one of the most memorable tours to the east coast last November!
I didn't make it to ALL the cities I wanted to so I went to those certain cities that I was appreciated the most; Manhattan, NYC, Washington, DC & Pittsburgh, PA.
What this tour did make Me realize is that I do alot of damn United States traveling.
I have visited probably at least 30 states offering Professional Domination. Which some cities I love more than others, but what I really am going to focus on in 2014 is INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.
I have My sights on Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, & South America. NOT ALL in 2014, but like I always say-- those that step forward & make their presence known is where I will consider visiting.
What that also means is that I will be cutting back tremendously on U.S. travels this year to focus on the international travel itch I have.
My requirements will vary a bit regarding foreign travel, so for anyone that is interested in serving or submitting to Me; email Me at "" with "FOREIGN TRAVEL" in the subject line.

I am proud to announce that My membership site WILL BE launching in the upcoming months.
I have a tendency to be procrastinator & an extreme perfectionist that I have been going back & forth with My webmaster for close over a year and half now. Along with finding a competent video editor, but alas I think I may have one or two that have been leaving Me quite impressed with their work.  STAY TUNED! In the meantime visit My clips store:
I will be worth the long wait. Remember what I always say; Patience is a virtue! Good things are worth waiting for....


I should also add that My involvement with Club FEM (Females Enslaving males) Arizona Chapter has increased immensely. I have a strong commitment to make the presence of Female Dominants, Alpha Fems & its dynamic more prevalent and visible here in Arizona. Arizona has a strong & quite active BDSM/ Fetish Community. However when I relocated here in 2011; its presence seemed non existent. Not the case so much these days. Club FEM Arizona has been growing by leaps and bounds monthly!
Please take a moment to check out the website I recently designed for O/our chapter. W/we have monthly Fem Dom meetup discussion groups held at APEX (Arizona Power Exchange), munches twice a month, a coffee meetup, & a party EVERY MONTH. I am proud to serve as an Executive Mistress for O/our chapter.

Another major event that is going on in My realm this month is Southwest Leather Conference.  I serve My BDSM Community by having everyone in My household give back by volunteering their time and talents to the Conference. This year not only am I volunteering; I have SIX house guests from out of town that I am hosting @ My humble abode. Along with hosting the hospitality suite @ the Conference on Saturday with Club FEM AZ & again on Sunday with Goddess University. 
So with all that being said, if you are reading this and looking to gain a few moments of My undivided attention, make your presence known. FYI, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.....