Thursday, June 19, 2014

All In A Day's (Sex) Work - Coming Summer 2014!

I am soooo elated, excited & honored to be included in this Book & Video Documentary!  My life as a #SexWorker isn’t oh soooo #Taboo #disgusting #horrible #NSFW.... "insert defamatory and / derogatory, disrespectful, & hateful LABELS" here?!?!!
I have embarked in damn near all / various types of "Sex Work" for the majority of My adult / over 18 life.
I love My career! Yes, I work My ass off! Ex. 16 hour days, hours of admin / computer work & a shit ton more CEO duties I won't rant on about.
After shooting with Ms Savannah Sly on this project & the "interview" portion of this project, I felt really empowered & self affirmed & was warm & fuzzy to be apart of such an AWESOME & amazing project!
Pre-Order your copy of the book TODAY!
BTW, (while U are ordering your own copy, I would love a few copies of My own sent to My P.O.Box)  
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