Thursday, June 25, 2015

Be still My beating heart; "Queen City" BKA Cincinnati, Ohio

By far the most luscious, luxurious, and highlight of My June 2015 tour thus far has been Cincinnati!
The home of esteemed colleague and FemDom Sister Friend; Goddess Devlynn DeSade.  We met 5+ years ago at DomCon Atlanta & have been cohorts in kink ever since!

Domina Devlynn always makes Me feel so at home! This visit was jammed pack (as usual). I arrived on Thursday evening with sessions booked upon My arrival. Later that evening We did a guest appearance at the The Dock; a downtown Cincinnati Goth Club. Which I always love because I get to get dressed up in fetish attire and am surrounded by people that can appreciate the high end wardrobe both of Us were sporting that evening:

Our sexy latex looks for an evening at The Dock.

Saturday evening We hosted a high protocol private FemDom party. Something Goddess Devlynn has started doing annually. I was honored to cohost with Her this year.  I will attempt to make this event EVERY YEAR! In was definitely worth traveling to and pre-planning in My busy calendar. The event was an evening of Goddess Worship, adoration, pure elegance and debauchery for FemDom devotees and explorers. We were able to offer expert guidance in the art of Female Domination. The event was stellar! I will only give a snippet here on My blog. Stay tuned for the video clips and explicit pictures via My niteflirt listing in the upcoming weeks. 

Goddess Devlynn giving some pointers to the newer Ladies.
Some of the rules the slaves in attendance learned during that evening.
The Ladies in Attendance as well as one lucky sissy maid
As many of My devotees know I do not work on Sunday. A Goddess has to have at least ONE day of rest.  Which is another ritual Domina Devlynn and I share; NO WORKING ON SUNDAY! Which meant I got to enjoy a relaxing Sunday; which ironically was Fathers day; therefore I spent in solitude down on the Ohio River communing with Goddess Deity Mami Wata & honoring My Papa who transitioned to Spirit realm almost 3 years ago. A bit of self care and reflective time; which is always needed! 

Monday was spent in sessions & teaching other Ladies the secret Art of Female Domination. I really enjoy teaching The Next Generation (TNG, as it is affectionally known within the Kink Community). Facilitating workshops, demos, classes, and interviews has been more of My focus in 2015. " "Each One Teach One" as My elders have taught Me.  

I plan on another visit to Cincinnati before I head back to Phoenix later in July for more teaching, empowering other Ladies to get in touch with their inner FemDom, more photo shoots, videos shoots, as well as a few sessions that I missed this visit. Appears as if My next visit to Queen City is set for Thursday July 23 - Monday 27th if not sooner?!?!????  Queen City always treats Me like a Queen!

Much Gratitude & Appreciation to My Gracious Hostess; Domina Devlynn DeSade! ALWAYS looking forward to doing it all again & then some sooner than later....