Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mistress Devlynn DeSade visits Secret Shangri-La AZ March 25 -29, 2016

imageWhat better way to close out March / Women's History month than to have Mistress Devlynn DeSade - the Queen of cruel visiting Secret Shangri-La AZ!  This is Her first visit to Arizona & I am beyond elated!
Mistress Devlynn DeSade is a lifestyle and professional Domina hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, where She hosts several high protocol FemDom Goddess evenings for exploration and education in the FemDom Lifestyle.  She is the owner of DeSade Academy, a private Victorian Style dungeon located near downtown Cincinnati, hosting FemDom Art events and classes for 6 years.  Mistress DeSade is also an esteemed Priestess of the Order of Indomitus, a fully immersive 24/7 FemDom Weekend in Florida that hearkens back to the real FemDom majesty of the Other World Kingdom.
Her interests and gifts in the realm of BDSM include shibari, electro, medical, fire play, knife play, corporal, discipline, real slave training, real hypnosis, fetish exploration, pony play, and sensory overload.  Regardless of whether She is wielding a whip, a remote control, or Her words... Her power and control over a submissive plaything is deliciously addictive.
It’s not often that Phoenix has skilled Dominatrices visit, therefore I wouldn’t snooze on this opportunity!  I certainly am looking forward to double Domination sessions & getting some quality time in with Her during this tour. We co-top very well together & have been for several years!  I always enjoy the deviant debauchery in Her city, now it's time I get to share the Valley of the Sun with Her!  There has also been talk that She may be bringing Her Venus 2000; a high tech, hands free stroking masturbation machine. If you are familiar with the Venus 2000, email Her directly & let your interests be known!  Mistress Devlynn is also a certified hypnotherapist & Secret Shangri-La AZ definitely doesn't get to pull out our Nova Pro 100 hypnosis machine nearly enough! 
imageMistress Devlynn will also be available for private one-on-one sessions as well at Secret Shangri-La AZ by appointment and deposit only!  Time is always a valuable commodity when a Professional Dominatrix is on tour. So you out there reading this; show some respect and expect nothing if you aren’t willing to give some honor & appreciation for Her time.  I know you want to be a fly on the wall, BUT since we all know that is something you must earn– put your money where your mouth is! Allow your actions to speak for themselves; that’s not a hard task.  Like I always say; you only get one opportunity to make a first impression….
imageMistress Devlynn has been voted Cincinnati's best Dominatrix as well as DomCon LA 2014 Guest of Honor.  
For more information about Her, how you can contact Her directly & to learn more about Her visit:

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