Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Goddess Bella Donna visits AZ for a limited time!

As many of My readers, subs, slaves, sluts, fans, devotees are aware of I relish My quality time with colleagues and established FemDoms throughout the country.  I am overjoyed to find out that a long time admired Professional Domina; Goddess Bella Donna is visiting Arizona for a short period. So of course I cleared My calendar, had My slave clear their calendar, scheduled us a car rental, & got us a travel itinerary to visit with the legendary Goddess Bella Donna.

I was first introduced to Goddess Bella Donna in 2011 by My esteemed Mentor, beloved Friend & colleague Mistress Athenais of NYC when She suggested I read Goddess Bella Donna's "Financial Domination without the smoke and mirrors." Which was an extremely helpful tool! Her book changed the way I approached the majority of My Professional Domination work & My overall business practices. YES, Her one book changed My entire business practice!  I have suggested it to several other colleagues and now make it a mandatory read for any/all Ladies that come to Me for mentorship or consulting on this Professional Domination career.
So tell Me why on earth would I miss this opportunity to get in person, one on one quality time with Ms Bella Donna?!?

I should also add, that She is visiting Arizona for a limited amount of time, therefore her time is extremely valuable. However She is available for real time sessions for those that She deems worthy. 

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