Friday, September 29, 2017

In New Orleans, LA 10/5 - 10/10 as a Special Guest for DomCon NOLA 2017

I am visiting New Orleans, LA and being honored as a Special Guest for DomCon NOLA 2017

This year My primary focus will be filming! Potential video victims complete My form for immediate consideration: 

Therefore I have VERY limited availability for sessions, and NO am NOT looking for any personal submissives during this trip.
However,  double domination sessions available with various other Professional Dominants who will be in attending the conference as well (contact Me directly to inquire which FemDoms will be available for double sessions).

A deposit is required to solidify a session NO EXCEPTIONS:

IF sending Me an email ( allow 12-24 hours for a response
(if a response at all) as My days tend to be too busy for immediate email responses when traveling & enjoying a conference.

Should supplicants have questions, concerns, etc they should contact Me via phone at
*82-404-52 2- 2 7 8 9 between 10 am - 11 pm CST for My immediate attention.
NO blocked calls or SMS messages ever entertained!

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Notorious Bossy Delilah visits Secret Shangri-La AZ September 15 -19, 2017

delilah in three pics

A New York City native with Puerto Rican & Irani / Pakistani roots.  Based in Atlanta Georgia since Oct 2013 with frequent travels to; NYC, LA, FL, DC.

Bossy Delilah is a lifelong Dominatrix of incomparable caliber. Her 19+ years of practice in humiliation, degradation and mind fuckery have given Her keen insight into the psyche of the submissive male.  She believes that inside every male is a deeply seated inclination to serve and Obey that can be cultivated and manipulated by the ideal Dominatrix.  She is the catalyst that you seek.

delilah outdoors bondage.jpg
Whether you are about to take your first steps into submission, or if you are a man who knows kneeling well, Her door is open to those who seek Her unique brand of Control. Experience what it is like to be ruled by a True Queen. Surrender and embrace the suffering. To say yes to whatever She has in store for you.

Delilah jeans overshoulder view
Transformation is your destination.

Delilah head shotFor more information about Her and how you can contact Her directly visit:

ezgif delsadie Get this video clip at[/caption]

Monday, September 4, 2017

My Dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ is a proud sponsor for AZ Leather Run 2017!

I am pleased to announce that My dungeon; Secret Shangri-La AZ will be the sponsor
for the Women's only dungeon / Playspace this weekend for the inaugural Arizona Leather Run (

A "Run" is a long standing tradition in the Leather community where several statewide Leather, MC Clubs, Leather organizations, bars, gathered in partnership and family, yearly, to create Run.

With this inaugural event; the local Leather Community Leaders are bringing the tradition and ritual back of A "Leather Run".
Leather in Arizona is STRONGER than ever!

United, WE offer ALL to join the family celebrating our lifestyle with the ARIZONA LEATHER RUN 2017-LEATHER TOGETHER!

Having space for Women to play is paramount!
Secret Shangri-La AZ is humbled and honored to be the 2017 Women's only play space sponsor for the AZ Leather Run.

Come out this weekend & be part of Leather tradition while making your own historical mark within the Leather, BDSM, Fetish, Kink community!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Why Atlanta so long? SUMMER TRAVEL UPDATE!

I have gotten alot of questions lately; 
A.  Why so much time in Atlanta? 
B.  Will you be visiting My city? 
C.  Why have you changed your tour cities??

A.  Well let's see, Atlanta will always be My home! One My favorite cities in the country! So much black & Caribbean culture, more melanin folks than most cities I frequent, southern hospitality, My ONYX & ONYX Pearls SE Leather  Family is here....
ALL of which keeps Me crazy busy when I am in Atlanta!
B. Will I be visiting "your" city?  I don't know how many times I have to say this "I ONLY TRAVEL TO YOUR CITY ONCE YOU HAVE SENT ME A DEPOSIT!" Meaning; I do not run all over the country unless you have shown Me you value My time and attention. You can not expect Me to take you serious about serving/submitting to Me if you can not appreciate and value My time.
C. I have changed My travel dates & cities that I am touring due to supply and demand. Simple as that!
My Atlanta tour has been extended; due to supply and demand. ALOT of cities that were initially on My tour I have canceled because those that have inquired to serve & session have yet to put their money where their mouth is.
I have also added Fort Lauderdale & Miami because of SUPPLY AND DEMAND! One lucky sub inquired and locked My commitment in by submitting their deposit.  EASY, not complicated & damn near idiot proof and self-explanatory. 
It can not get much clearer that that! Otherwise call Me directly for more information. But I do expect you to have your credit card in hand when you do call Me.

Upcoming On My calendar while in Atlanta:

Wednesday; June 28, 2017

Hump Day Happy Hour - Enema Talk

Friday, June 30, 2017 

Saturday, July 1, 2017 

Friday July 7, 2017

I will be visiting Atlanta until late July. With a week-long visit to Fort Lauderdale & Miami, FL mid-July.
I should also add that I am still in search for video victims. Those interested should fill out & submit My video slave form:

Any other questions CALL ME! My emails are 3-5 days turn around as I answer them in the order I receive them. YES, I am that backlogged on email responses since I no longer have an assistant handling email inquiries. Therefore phone is best!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer 2017 Pro Domme Tour

During June & July 2017, I will be visiting the following cities with consistent double domination sessions available:
Atlanta, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI
Manhattan, NYC
Long Island, NY

Tentative cities to include but not limited to:
Nashville, TN
Charlotte, NC
Hampton, VA
Washington, DC /  Maryland / VA area

Per usual Deposit, Appointment, and Tribute ALWAYS REQUIRED:$SHawkins

I will also be offering FIVE workshops during My Atlanta visit.
Presenting both My enema workshop and strap on / ass play workshops at South East Leather Fest (SELF) Conference.
As well as collaborating with Velvet Lips, LLC on two workshops;
My Strap on workshop (in case you missed it at SELF and My Polyamory workshop as well as hypnosis, one on one consultations & more!

So here is a video announcement of My June & July Summer 2017 Pro Domme Travel Tour.
Email Me at "" for more information.
Be sure to include your city & state in the subject line.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

My Spring 2017 Pro Domme Tour Annoucement

My May- July 2017 Pro Domme Travel announcements DomCon La #domcon#DomConLA #dominatrix #Jetset #Mistress #Domina #FemDom #FinDom#Domme
Los Angeles, CA May 18 - 22, 2017
Atlanta, GA June 7 - 19th 
East Coast tour to include: Charlotte NC, Chicago IL, Cincinnati OH, Detroit MI, Hampton VA, Manhattan & Long Island NY

Need more info? Email:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

In Search Of: a competent domestic servant for Secret Shangri-La AZ

After going through FIVE domestic servants for My Dungeon: Secret Shangri-La AZ in the past two years.  I have finally accepted that fact that YES; I need a competent, reliable, sane & physically fit domestic sissy maid!
In the past My style of Female Dominance has always been for "s types" to pursue & petition Me for service. Well, since relocating to Phoenix 5 years ago I not only realized that is not how subs operate here, BUT that by Me waiting for an "s type" to petition Me; I am not finding quality / consistent/ devoted/ serious domestic service!
Which brings Me to this post!
Why you do not have to identify as a "sissy" or a effeminate submissive male.  I do require a domestic servant to wear a uniform.

I require this for several reasons:
1. It is an honor to serve Me & My Dungeon in a domestic capacity.
2. To remind you of your role & duties to My household.
3. I personally have a intense fetish for uniforms.
4. Wearing a feminine uniform in a house of Female Dominance not only gives reverence to the Divine Feminine but honors My personal philosophy of Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Female Supremacy & Female Led Relationships (FLR).

I also require the following:

  • Be service oriented! Meaning be here for the service, NOT for free playtime! Play is earned, not expected!
  • Be available for CONSISTENT domestic service at a minimum of one day per week.
  • Be financially secure; you will be required to purchase your own uniform, wardrobe, chastity device, and / or whatever I deem is appropriate for you to reflect the epotimy of a domestic servant.
  • Be single and / or realize that no external prior relationship will interfere with Me, nor your service to Me.
  • Have previous pertinent skill set! Ex, Know how to iron, defrost a refrigerator, clean a stove, operate a vacuum, clean a bathroom, scrub a floor, dust, and the importance of clean baseboards & windows, etc! YES, I pay close attention to detail and you should too.
  • That you understand & agree to consistently contribute to My household; physically, financially, emotionally,  and Spiritually. 

Potential domestic servants should send ALL of the following information in an email to "" with the subject matter: "domestic servant consideration for Secret Shangri-La AZ":
  1. Full legal name (YES I require full disclosure of identity of all those that serve Me on a personal basis)
  2. Telephone number & the best hours/ time frame to reach you.
  3. List of of your skill set. Both personal skill set (i.e. gardening, previous chambermaid experience, etc) & professional skill set (i.e. mechanical engineer, licensed massage therapist, real estate agent, etc).
  4. Stats: Age, height, weight, etc
  5. How you identify (i.e. sissy, slave, sub, switch, crossdresser, straight, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, asexual, queer, etc)?
  6. Your preferred pronouns? (e.x. My preferred pronouns are Female pronouns. She, Her, Hers).
  7. Location? City and state.  Within driving distance to Phoenix, AZ or the luxury of flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on a consistent monthly basis.
Please note, that ANY email that does not contain ALL SEVEN pieces of information I have asked for will go ignored & unanswered.  If you can not follow My instruction... I am not interested in you, and have no use for your service.

Could this be you????

Thursday, January 26, 2017

February & March 2017 Annoucements

Pleased to announce:
Goddess Sadie visiting Las Vegas, NV Feb 2nd- 5th. 
I am presenting two workshops at Sin In The City 2017
My Strap on workshop as well as My Transgender Awareness presentation 

Dominatrix Alexandra Sadista visits My Dungeon in Phoenix, AZ Feb 11th - 15th:

Goddess Sadie visits Dallas, TX Feb 16th - 20th at Ebony Dominatrices weekend for 
Black HERstory Month:

Vinyl Queen visits My Dungeon in Phoenix, AZ March 2nd - 5th:

Vinyl Queen will also be a special guest at My quarterly CFNM FemDom Play Party:

I am currently accepting petitions for those interested in becoming a video victim. You must be local (or willing to travel to Phoenix, AZ at your expense).